Questions to Ask yourself before buying an Eternity Ring

As a token of your eternal devotion, an eternity ring represents your eternal love. Eternity rings are traditionally given to married couples who have been married for 10 and 50 years. In today’s society, however, young couples who have just married can’t wait to celebrate their union with a token ring.

However, what factors should be taken into consideration when selecting an eternity ring? The ring should be designed to be a perfect fit with the other rings so that they can sit together perfectly with the entire ring set. However, people typically choose something to wear on the opposite hand rather than the engagement ring.

You should ask these questions before buying diamond eternity rings so that you choose the right jeweller to design them.

What Are The Costs Of Eternity Rings?

First, decide what your price range should be for the diamond eternity ring. If you begin to see options, you may need to adjust it up or down, but this will help you focus on what you want, and it may have a bearing on your selection of diamond size, diamond quality, and setting metal. 

Personal preference dictates your price range. An eternity ring costs about half the full price of a diamond engagement ring. A unique eternity ring is worth its weight in gold when you see its brilliance.

Which Would Be Best: A Full Or Half Eternity Ring?

Full eternity rings are some of the most luxurious options because the entire band of the ring is set with gemstones, especially diamonds. It is possible to wear full eternity rings alone on the right hand or between the wedding and engagement rings. 

Despite having fewer stones, half eternity rings do not make a less stunning statement. An eternity ring with half stones incorporates stones of the same size or stones varied in size and shape. 

In the end, however, the quality of stones will determine the price of this style of eternity ring. It is possible to resize half eternity rings if they are not engraved.

How Should You Choose Diamonds?

Other diamond shapes can be just as beautiful as round diamonds, even though they are the most popular choice. A particularly striking eternity band is made up of contemporary cut diamond eternity bands that showcase the diamonds in an almost seamless fashion. 

The oval shape and marquise cut diamonds can also make beautiful eternity bands. A North-South orientation or an East-West orientation are both acceptable. Creating a pattern is also possible by combining shapes.

How Big Is Your Ring?

 You will often need to go up a quarter or a half size in size if you plan to stack your rings. If your ring is going to be worn higher on the finger, the size you choose should be appropriate. Also, perhaps slightly larger sizes offer a better fit for wider bands.

Additionally, diamonds will be evenly spaced around your finger, which is why the finger size is so important. Diamond total carat weight and the number of diamonds in your eternity ring are determined by the ring size. 

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