Embracing The Hippy Lifestyle

When you think of the term ‘hippy’, it is likely to send visions of carefree individuals promoting worldwide love, eating plants, and rocking the dreadlock style. Whilst that may be true of hippies from back in the day, there are still many people who embrace the ethos of the 60s and aim to maintain an easy-going lifestyle. If you’re tempted to join the hippy crew, where should you start?


One of the many things that made the hippy movement so popular was the music! They threw caution to the wind and let the music take them to dizzying heights. The famous Woodstock festival started in 1969 and was an extravaganza of music and dancing and has gained a place in history as one of the biggest music festivals of its time. Various music artists attended, such as Joe Cocker and Jimi Hendrix, as well as a plethora of other artists. 

The hippy music genre is diverse but generally, live bands with real instruments will convince any hippy at heart to throw some moves or grab a partner to dance the night away. For those who practice spirituality, music that is good for the soul is popular for winding down, and meditation; a popular practice in the community. 


When it comes to home décor, the hippy style requires trashing the clean lines and straight edges. It’s all about unique, natural, and mixing. Bright colors and patterned accessories work well to create an energized space, and combining this with green plants and rustic features forms an environment that lends itself to creativity. 

To achieve this look, you could try ditching the traditional headboard and adding a tapestry above your bed. You can also swap boring and ‘normal’ sofas and chairs for an adult bean bag chair to compliment the feng shui and create a relaxed and calm feeling throughout the space. 

Soft furnishings such as curtains, cushions, and throws can make a room feel cozy and warm and contribute to the casual bohemian style.


When you think hippy fashion, visions of floaty dresses, straw hats, and wooden jewelry spring to mind, and you’re not far wrong. Hippies are advocates of the environment and wear natural fibers such as cotton and linen. Handmade clothes were very popular in times past, and today there are various online shops that sell high-quality handmade clothing that reduces your carbon footprint as well as feeling great for the skin. 

For a truly authentic look, you could try tie-dying your clothes and embrace the colorful and energizing boho style. 


The hippy movement in times past saw a transition in everyday habits such as eating meat to a more green and sustainable diet. Lovers of animals and health-conscious individuals swapped their burgers for plant-based food, and it’s fast becoming a popular lifestyle change in recent years in the mainstream. Veganism is a way of life and, if followed correctly, is a healthy diet. If you want to try a vegan diet, it’s important you start slowly to help your body get used to the change. Investigate different ways to incorporate more plant-based food and take a supplement if you suspect you may be deficient. 

The hippy life is one of happiness and peace; what’s not to love!


Ben Smith

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