The 5 Best Fursuit Makers You Have To Check Out

What Is A Fursuit?

To put it simply, a fursuit is an animal costume worn by some members of the furry fandom, better known as furries. A lot of time and effort goes into making these suits, so furries wear these suits with pride as they are a culmination of either their own or a fursuit maker’s creativity or both. Unlike a mascot or something, a fursuit usually represents what is known as a fursona (a furry persona). These fursonas are original characters made by furries that are like anthropomorphic animal versions of people, usually themselves.

Why Do People Wear Fursuits?

These suits are usually outfits reserved for meetups with other furries or furry conventions as it’s an opportunity for them to show off their hard work. In many ways, fursuiters are a lot like cosplayers as they are just people who have or make costumes that they want to show off, these costumes just happen to be animal costumes.

#1 Lemonbrat

We’ll get the obvious ones out of the way first because let’s be honest if you’ve looked into fursuits even a little bit, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Lemonbrat. They are one of the most popular fursuit commissioning services as they offer almost everything a fursuiter could want and more. From digitigrade fursuits to plantigrade fursuits to custom fursuit onesies and backpacks these guys do it all. As well as this, Lemonbrat are quite lenient about the quotes they accept, this means to say that while they will turn down a lot of quotes, they won’t turn down nearly as many as a lot of independent fursuit makers. However, their services definitely come at a costly price, charging upwards of $5000 for a full fursuit, unless you are willing to break the bank you probably won’t be able to get your hands on a Lemonbrat fursuit.

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#2 is another one of the most popular fursuit commissioning services in the world but, it is a little bit less costly than Lemonbrat. For a full fursuit, their prices start from around $4200 but can go up to around $5000. They also offer what are known as artistic liberty fursuits which are fursuits for those who do not already own a reference sheet of their fursona and can instead just describe what they want out of their suit. If you just check their gallery of suits, you can see that they have made hundreds of suits, especially wolf suits, so, if you’re looking to get your wolf fursona made into a fursuit, are definitely some qualified sellers.

#3 Fursonafy

Fursonafy is a great site for those who don’t already know what their fursona looks like and are just sort of spitballing. This is because Fursonafy not only operates as a fursuit commissioning site but also as a furry art commissioning site. So, you can commission a reference sheet with them and then use that same reference sheet to get your fursuit made. As well as this, they are relatively affordable in comparison to the other sites on this list, only charging around $2000 – $3000 for their fursuits.

#4 Don’t Hug Cacti

While many on this list also offer partial fursuits, Don’t Hug Cacti do a great job of making their pricing extremely clear when it comes to both full fursuits and partial fursuits. For a partial suit, they offer a starting price of $3295 and for full suits, they start at around $4295. Don’t Hug Cacti seem to specialize in a very wide-eyed, cartoony style of suits and they can do it pretty damn well. Another thing they offer that a lot of fursuit commissioning sites don’t offer is the ability to buy pre-made suits they are either second-hand or suits they just never ended up selling to a specific buyer.

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#5 Made Fur You

Much like Fursonafy, Made Fur You also offers a way to easily get a reference sheet made for your fursuit commission and are also extremely experienced. They’ve been making fursuits since 2010 and don’t look like they are going to stop any time soon. They offer a similar style of suits to almost every site on this list but users should be warned that there is a good chance of a queue you’ll have to wait in if you are to commission a suit from them. Making a fursuit takes time and effort, and if they are getting overwhelmed with commissions they will even sometimes close their commissions.

Are There Any Other Sellers I Should Be Aware Of?

This list isn’t to suggest that your fursuit commissioning options are limited to just these five sites. In fact, you can find some amazing sellers who don’t even have a site on platforms like Twitter by just searching the right hashtags (#fursuitcommission). Getting in contact with these people is a great way to also feel out different prices and styles of fursuits.

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