8 Flowers to Gift Your Dear Ones

Flowers are the most beautiful thing in the world. They are colourful and lively. The sight of a flower brings a magical smile to the face. Fresh flowers around you make your heart dance in joy. Such is the spellbinding aura of the flowers. Flowers also represent emotions and feelings that we humans feel for each other. Because of all these qualities and characteristics, flowers are the ideal gifts. Everyone in this world has given a flower as a token at some point in their life. 

Some of the flowers are widely exchanged as presents. Sharing with you some of our favourite flowers to give to your dearest ones. 


Roses: You know why roses top the list of flower gifts. Roses are the beautiful queens with a heavenly fragrance. Red rose is the most popular flower that is gifted because it symbolizes Love. Roses bloom in a variety of colours, all pretty to the eyes. Pink, yellow, white, coral, ice-blue to name a few. Forever roses have also made it to the list of gifts because they are aesthetically pleasing. Forever roses come packed in acrylic boxes and can be adorned as a timeless gift. 


Tulips: No flower matches the symmetry like tulips. Tulips are known for their distinct form and colours they flourish. Tulips bloom in pastel colours of yellow, orange, red, pink, and purple. Tulips are seasonal blooms and look great in a vase. The common meaning of giving tulips is perfect and deep love. If the person you love doesn’t like roses, you can go with tulips to express unconditional love. 


Hydrangeas: Hydrangeas are spectacular pom-pom blooms in shades of purple and blue. They grow in clusters and look absolutely stunning. The unique purple-blue shade makes them so loved by the flower admirers. Hydrangea signifies gratitude, grace, and glory. Anyone who loves to decorate their home with flowers, this is the perfect choice. Hydrangea boxes are readily available for sale online. 


Orchids: Another flower that has a unique purple and blue shade. Orchids are rare and luxurious because of their form and cultivation. These days, every online flower shop in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, or anywhere has orchids in their flower catalogue. Orchids mean royalty and love. 


Daisies: Daisies are simple and serene. With a yellow centre and ray like white petals; daisies are ideal for gift because it is associated with innocence, purity, new beginnings, fertility. These tiny flowers can be decorated in a vase, placed on the table to brighten the atmosphere. Except for white, daisies also bloom in different hues like blue, pink, red, yellow, purple, and other 20 colours. 


Lilies: The bell-shaped lilies look great in any arrangement. You can get lilies in different colours. Every colour has a meaning and you can choose as per the feeling you want to convey. Red, pink, yellow, and white are the famous colours. 


Gypsy: Gypsophila or commonly known as gypsy is a bunch of small flowers. White gypsy is widely used either alone or in combination with other flowers. Gypsy in colours are also available such as pink, multicolour. Gypsy in an arrangement looks like a floral dream come true. 


Mixed Flowers: Mixed flower arrangements are quite popular. Two or more different kinds of flowers are arranged together in a vase, box, or bouquet. Sometimes fillers like baby breath and greenery are amalgamated with flowers. 


Flowers in every form and hue look beautiful. You can gift these flowers to any of your relatives across events and festivities. Stunning arrangements are available with online flower shops, pick the fresh and prettiest one for your near and dear ones. 

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