How does underwater green light help in fishing?

Fishing at night is full of fun and enjoyment. At the same time, it can also be quite a tiresome job waiting for the fishes to get attracted to your bait. In such a case, underwater fish lights serve themselves to be extremely useful. These lights have been used for years by people to attract small fishes while fishing at night. Now the question is how to make the best use of these lights. Also, how authentic are these lights in fishing? Here we are going to talk all about green underwater lights and their uses.

Why are green underwater lights useful?

Green underwater lights are extremely useful in initiating a food chain reaction. Thousands of zooplankton and other phytoplankton are attracted by these lights. Although these lights are not visible to the human eye, they are quite significantly visible to the tiny creature. These tiny creatures, in turn, act as bait for large fishes. This helps in creating a natural food chain. You can use underwater fishing lights to catch fishes that are present in seawater as well as in freshwater. Also, the green light is quite attractive. This gives it a very good ability to attract the microorganisms like zooplankton which are present underwater. These microorganisms act as bait for the fishes. You can also use the green light for fishing from a dock.

Why is the green color important?

Now let us understand the science behind using green color lights for fishing. There are multiple lights available in the market. This includes red lights, blue lights, yellow lights, green lights, etc. However, all the lights do not function in a similar way. This is mainly because of the difference in their wavelength. Each light has a particular wavelength and intensity. The intensity of the light is dependent on its wavelength. The greater the intensity, the higher will be the chances of the light to initiate the food chain reactions.

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Green fishing lights have an excellent wavelength that allows the green color to penetrate in the depth of water. The color has excellent intensity. It also has the ability to travel at a really fast speed underwater. Red light, on the other hand, has shorter wavelengths. That is why it is not very effective underwater true lights have longer wavelengths however they are not as effective as green underwater light.

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