7 Top-Notch Tools for Node.js Development in 2021

No wonder that product owners around the world prefer Node.js for their web application development projects. From robust gaming to live-streaming and huge traffic-driven social applications – Node.js rules them all!

Top-Notch Node.js Development Tools

Following are the tools that are the most popular and used for Node.js Development.


Express.js is a flexible and robust framework for Node.js web app development. It offers some exciting features to help you develop innovative web applications. You can also use it to build a robust API in an easy and straightforward manner by using this extensive framework.

It has brilliant features such as routing and simplified multiple template engines, the ability for database integration, etc., beneficial for modern web application development. This minimalistic framework provides a lightweight layer while developing web applications and enhances their performance. offers you benefits like event-based, real-time bi-directional communication. We can say that it’s one of the most comprehensive, reliable, and fastest real-time engines. It offers you real-time analytics along with counters, logs, and charts.

It powers various chatting apps advanced by Microsoft, Trello, Yammer, Zendesk, etc. offers you binary support, integration, easy debugging, and scalability. It enhances the development process and is easy to use both by experts and beginners.


Koa is designed by the team of Express and is a next-gen framework for Node.js. In just a few years of its release, Koa turned out to be a compact, expressive, and powerful framework for web applications and APIs development.

Koa requires Node v7.6.0 or even a higher version for ES2015 along with async function support. It is not dependable on middleware like several similar frameworks like Express. You can carry out several operations like caching, routing, compression, and more with the help of Koa’s inbuilt plugin package.

Koa also has the potential to reduce errors and remove callbacks. Therefore, this Node.js framework facilitates interoperability and robustness of the codes.


Mocha.js is a JavaScript test framework based on Node.js. All you need is to hire Node.js developers, and it will enable them to test codes both in the console and in the browser.

You can use this quick-testing suite for unit and integration testing. Mocha.js is also operational for TDD (Test Driven Development) and BDD (Behaviour Driven Development) perfectly. It simplifies the asynchronous testing for the development of your web application.

Mocha tests run in a serialized manner to allow flexible and accurate reporting while mapping unchecked exceptions to the right test case. Modularity is one of the significant benefits of Mocha.js, as with this, you can use other libraries such as Sinon, Should.js, or Chai.


Passport is an authentication middleware. By using this tool, you can choose from 300 distinct ways of authentication for your application. Some of these ways include login via Google profile or social media, with the help of the login credentials like username, password model, etc.


Chai is a TDD/BDD assertion library for the browser and Node that allows a combination with any JavaScript testing framework. Several chain-capable BDD styles and interfaces ensure a readable as well as an expressive language. With Chai, you can offer your development team the benefit of building their own plugins or using existing plugin designs for DRY-up tests.


PM2 is one of the well-known Node.js development tools. It manages the complete development process for a Node.js app and is equipped with various features beneficial for a production environment.

PM2 also has an inbuilt load balancer. Famous finance software companies Intuit and payment gateways like Paypal use PM2 so that you can understand the efficacy of this development tool.

This comprehensive tool conducts frequent checkups to confirm whether the web app works properly or not and, without downtime, reloads it. So, rebooting is not required for the app again if it crashes.


If you are going to create a web application with Node.js development, then there is no lack of extensive tools to get your job done with ease. You can choose any of the Node.js development tools mentioned in this article to develop a real-time and innovative web application. Extensive knowledge of tools for Node.js development will contribute to empower your product idea in the form of a web application.

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