8 Tips to Avoid Burnout at Work

Even before the pandemic hit a few years ago, we were already coming close to a boiling point between the old corporate culture of constantly going above and beyond and the newer generation’s philosophy of a healthier work-life balance.

And once remote work became the norm and people were able to set their own hours and log off when their work was finished, the desire to be in an office 60+ hours a week faded away.

But as things have gotten back to normal and in-office work has mostly returned, employees once again have to make a conscious effort to avoid burnout. With that in mind, let’s look at a few simple suggestions that can help you do just that:

1. Disconnect from Tech

Numerous studies show that when we stay in constant engagement with our devices, it has a detrimental effect on our overall health and wellness. Unplug from your email and social media and you’ll find it much easier to unwind and reset.

2. Schedule Regular R&R

A little rest and relaxation go a long way in helping us stay refreshed at work. Whether it’s taking a scenic drive with the windows down or simply sitting in a comfy chair reading a book, make it a regular activity.

3. Set Work Goals and Perform a Job Analysis

If you find yourself frequently performing time-consuming tasks that don’t actually contribute to increased productivity, it’s time to eliminate them or delegate them to others.

4. Become Selfish About Your Time

If you are continuously being pulled in all directions at work and helping others with things that aren’t your responsibility, it’s time to set and enforce some boundaries.

5. Make Wellness a Priority

Nobody is going to put your well-being first except you. Taking the time to care for yourself (getting enough sleep, exercise, and proper diet), will help you stay charged up for work.

6. Get Away and Enjoy a Change of Scenery

Even if it’s just a day trip to a nearby beach or mountain escape, or a full-blown vacation, getting away for a while is crucial to being able to avoid burnout at your job.

7. Pursue a New or Rekindled Passion

One of the best ways we can mentally check out is to find something interesting and entertaining to occupy our minds. Whether it’s collecting, crafting, or anything else, make some time to enjoy it.

8. Develop a Morning and Evening Ritual

A little structure is a great way to set aside the other cares of the day. Yoga, meditation, or even just taking a few more minutes to enjoy your morning coffee can do the trick.

What Other Ways Can You Think of to Avoid Burnout?

There are countless ways to keep from getting burned out at work. And as more and more workers are learning the importance of a healthy work-life balance, the internet is full of tips and tricks. The most important thing to remember is simply putting yourself first.

And while you may really like the people you work with and for, they are not the people who care most about you; that’s your family and friends. Enjoying more time with them instead of in the office is becoming the new trend for a new generation.

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