5 Essential Lessons about Beauty from the Show, ‘Shadow Beauty

If you’re an ardent follower of the show, ‘Shadow Beauty,’ you’d be much familiar with Koo Ae Jin, a young, insecure girl trying her best to outlive her physical imperfections. The show is a pure reminiscence of how absolute beauty was in the teen years for older people. However, it’s a mere reflection of how society defines it for young and budding girls and boys. Numerous lessons you learn from this show will both move and educate you, and here are a few mentions about beauty.

1. The World Doesn’t Define Your Beauty

Society’s beauty standards are mysteriously high, which for a fact, seemingly redefine it. And throughout the show, that’s what makes Koo Ae Jin find solitude in leading a secret life online, racking up more than 770,000 followers as a social media influencer. Had she used her real photos, perhaps no one would have dared to tag along with her social media, which lays open society’s perception of what real beauty is about?

2. Insecurities are Okay

There comes a time, conceivably in your teen years, that beauty takes a varied angle, far from what conventional beauty means. That breeds a wave of insecurities as you mature, which is pretty okay. If you visit, you’ll get a true picture of what Koo Ae Jin goes through. She spends countless hours and tons of effort trying to edit her photos to resemble a model’s. She’s comfortable as long as she remains discreet, but skepticism hangs over her once she realizes someone’s about to expose her.

3. Cultivate Your Inner Beauty

Since no one defines your beauty, you should redefine it according to your terms. That means breeding a culture of acceptance and dismissing what everyone thinks about you. It’s possible to see yourself being beautiful with downright positivity about your image. Shifting that paradigm of thoughts and infusing the idea about beauty not being entirely absolute will let your inner beauty shine, which is the light that the world needs.

5 Essential Lessons about Beauty from the Show, 'Shadow Beauty 2

4. Being Beautiful Doesn’t Define Your Worth as a Human

Just because you can’t match the physical endowment of beauty models doesn’t mean you don’t carry any worth. While the perverted society may judge your worth by your looks, the rest of the world sees your worth regardless. There’s a fine margin on how beauty gets defined, but the variation is incredibly nuanced such that it creates a marginal difference. Your worth is intact, and your looks, whether pretty, isn’t a viable criterion.

5. There’s Always an Admirer Somewhere

Regardless of the odds, not everyone will make your life a living hell, as what the show unfolds on Koo Ae Jin. When she discovers a stalker around, who knows her life in disguise, she becomes skeptical and nervous. It tortures her and eats away her peace, derailing her school and home activities. Even so, her only friend, Jin-Sung, admires her and eventually lets her know his deepest secret by uncovering his scars.


The K-drama Shadow Beauty’ carries valuable beauty lessons that you might have missed while binge-watching your weekends off. While society may define beauty at its levels, you have your share of power to set your criteria. Hopefully, this article’s valuable lessons will change your perception of beauty and make you love yourself even better.

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