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A Look At An Expensive, Contemporary Mansions & Luxury Homes In Dubai

Dubai’s real estate market has gone big and it’s flourishing like never before. It’s the market for the future and there will be huge investments coming in for sure. From smart homes to luxury mansions, Dubai really gives you a perfect outlook of what modern living is like and how you should be shaping your lifestyle with some of the modern luxury elements available today. There are lots of high-end residences being developed all across the city with some neighborhoods leaving the others way behind giving a new meaning to luxury lifestyle and contemporary accommodations. One great example is Mohammed Bin Rashid City that is expected to host some of the most magnificent homes in Dubai from palatial mansions to expensive villas. And, if you’re planning for investment there, the District One neighborhood is certainly the best among the lot with all life amenities available right there. 

Let’s get you out of trouble by singling it all down to one great, contemporary mansion right in the heart of Mohammed Bin Rashid City. The mansion boasts of an expansive, contemporary exterior that signifies luxury right from the first look you have at it. The winding canals and the lush beautiful gardens surround the property to make for impressive scenery all around that you could enjoy every morning standing at one of those spacious balconies. Equipped with modern amenities, a variety of recreational facilities, and some of the most vibrant communal features, this beautiful mansion in Mohammed Bin Rashid City is certainly going to offer you every single luxury in just one place. 

You will surely get the sense of luxury as soon as you will step into this huge mansion amidst the Crystal Lagoon Cluster with its stunning design that is tailored specifically to offer an open entertainment and living area. It’s up to you how you would like to use all the space to your benefit and your imagination and creativity are the only limit that exists when it comes to laying out a perfect interior. The eight-bedroom development makes for a perfect living arrangement for a big family. So, you don’t have to worry at all about space and just start planning how you’d be utilizing all of it. 

The two-story mansion boasts an open floor plan on the ground floor with crystal clear windows running from floor to ceiling. There is an amazing presentation kitchen with a maid’s room and a staff kitchen to support it. The bedroom on the ground floor features walk-in closets, a private terrace, and an en suite bedroom. That certainly gives you a sense of how spacious this luxurious property is and what kind of living you can experience there. 

Moving to the first, there is a big family room and an adjacent balcony that presents some stunning views of the neighborhood and the surrounding attractions. This floor offers a master bedroom that is equipped with an en suite bathroom as well as a study room. Besides, there are four other bedrooms on this floor and all of them come with en suite bathrooms. 

The parking is not even a problem here as the mansion is built on a massive piece of land and features four garages where you can park your vehicles anytime. In addition, there are spacious gardens that give a sense of luxury and bring you close to nature. 

So, whether you are planning to shift to a luxury abode in Dubai or just want a luxurious second home in the world’s growing business hub, you should definitely not look any further than this contemporary mansion in District One of Mohammed Bin Rashid City. There are all sorts of luxuries on offer here and owning this property would be a dream come true.

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