8 Scrapbooking Ideas for Couples

The love of your life deserves a special place in your scrapbook. Creating a romantic scrapbook that shows the story and memories of a couple in love is something you can reminisce in the years to come.


Before you can start documenting your special relationship, take note of these three steps.

  1. Choose the right scrapbook

Before you buy a scrapbook, think about the elements you want to include and pick the right one that suits your needs. If you plan on writing letters for your loved one, you may be better with a lined paper. But if you want to add pictures and decorative elements to your romantic scrapbook, you may need one with frames and blank paper.

  1. Pick a theme

For your scrapbooking ideas, think about a theme that best represents your relationship. If you and your significant other agree on a particular color scheme, make sure that your romantic scrapbook centers around it. Whatever theme you pick, just make sure that it represents something special in your relationship.


  1. Highlight your best memories

When you make a couple’s scrapbook, think about all the special times in your relationship. It can be anything from your first date on valentine’s day or the time your boyfriend surprised you with movie tickets. As long as it’s something significant to you as a couple, you should add it to your scrapbook pages.

Scrapbooking Ideas

Have you already tried everything, poured your heart and soul, but you’re still running out of scrapbook ideas? Check out this list of scrapbooking ideas for couples to help set your love creativity flowing.

1. Food Trips

Do both of you live for food? Do you always make special trips when dining out? If you take photos at different cafes, eateries, and restaurants you’ve been to, that’s another artistic thing to add to your scrapbook ideas.

Scrapbooking your favorite hangouts and dating places is a great way to look back on days you filled your stomachs with food and love. Find inventive ways to use some memorabilia as decorative elements. For instance, you can cut a portion out of a menu as a background for a picture or use a playbill as a frame for a photo.

2. Love Letters

Remember how moved and touched you were when you first read a love letter? Make a copy of those precious letters onto acid-free papers. If you have plenty of love letters throughout the relationship, sort them out according to the most important memories.

Of course, all memories are special, but they may not fit in one couple of scrapbooks if they’re too many. It may be best to group them according to chapters like when you got married or when you had a baby.

3. Love Songs

Do you have a favorite song? Perhaps, you fall in love with each other dancing to the rhythm of a certain love song?

Another thing to add to your scrapbook ideas is your special song and how it came about. Write some notes about how you chose that song. You can even add an envelope which can hold a CD of your special song.

4. Crazy Experiences

Remember that time you were too scared to do a life-defying bungee jump? If you have photos of that crazy experience, that’s another interesting thing to add to your scrapbook page.

5. Surprise Getaways

Ever been to surprise or impulsive getaways? Were you able to ride a romantic cruise? Why not store that precious memory in your scrapbook. After all, unexpected adventures are one of the best moments.

6. Future Dreams

Ever dream about growing old together with your significant other, strolling in the park, and holding hands? Create a journal about the future you envisioned with your partner 15 or 30 years down the road.

7. Sweet Messages

Are you looking for something more simple? Why don’t you get your partner to write a heartfelt list of reasons why he or she loves you? This scrapbook page has the highest chance of being the most revisited and for a very heartwarming reason.

And yes, you can put all those sweet moments onto your scrapbook pages as well! Whether it’s Post-It-Notes scribbled with sweet nothings or a love letter disguised as a business letter at work, this scrapbook layout will surely bring a smile to your face each time you flip through the album.

8. Add Dates

Make sure that all your scrapbook pages have exact dates. It’s easier to reminisce memories when you know when exactly they happened. From menus, concert tickets, and photos you’ve acquired throughout the relationship, don’t forget to add dates.

Enjoy scrapbooking!

Whatever your motive is for creating a scrapbook, adding some bits and pieces off all the time you spend together will make it more special and romantic. Take note of all the memories you want to include in your scrapbook. This will ensure that you won’t miss out on anything and help organize your thoughts later when you start scrapbooking.

We hope you enjoyed all the ideas above for your romantic scrapbook!

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