If you’re causing an echo, Google Meet now tells you.

If you’ve ever been on a Google Meet call, you’ve probably heard a user’s voice echo, or perhaps your own, and it’s frustrating. Google, on the other hand, has taken notice of the ‘echo problem,’ and has just revealed that Google Meet will soon be able to tell you when you’re echoing while you speak.


In a nutshell, other call participants will no longer need to alert you that you’re echoing; instead, Meet will notify you via a brief pop-up. Furthermore, Google has added various tools to eliminate echo, however, this cannot be true for desktop speakers and microphones, as their configurations result in audio being transmitted back into the conversation.

The caution appears on the Meet interface as a red dot, as well as a notification and a text alert. When you click on the notification, Meet will provide you options for resolving the echo, such as muting your microphone, lowering the speaker volume, or switching to headphones. This echo warnings function will be available to G Suite Basic and Business clients in the coming weeks, and the process might take up to 15 days.

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