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How to upgrade your bathroom’s look within a budget

After a long day at work, the only thing you would want to do is wind down in a warm bath in your home. Now imagine you get home, put down your bag, and head to the bathroom only to find out that the water tap has broken down. There is no warm water. We can imagine you being furious at your bathroom only and eventually yourself. It is not only a place you retire to after work; it is also the one you go to once you wake up. You go to your bathroom to start your day and get ready as well. Consider hanging bathroom wall art that will match and upgrade the whole look of your bathroom.

Opting for a bathroom renovation might sound like a big, costly deal, but if you contact the right professionals, your budget won’t be a problem. The bathroom of your dreams can fit within your budget and be that place of relaxation and comfort for you.

Even if you don’t want to opt for a complete remodel, you can always make little changes to brighten up your space and make it suitable for your needs. Here are some ways in which you can upgrade your bathroom:

Get an estimate of your renovation project.

The first step would be to get an idea about the renovation cost you would incur to implement all the ideas you have about the renovation project. You can always get free estimates from reputed companies to adjust your budget according to the cost.

You can hire a professional and communicate all your needs for the small bathroom renovations to work within your budget.

Minimalistic vibe:

Your bathroom should not be cluttered with all those bottles and appliances thrown around the space. This would be counter-productive in making the best use out of the area.

To give out a modern and sleek look, you should opt for a minimalistic vibe. This would also include using pastel shades for the color theme and keeping the fixtures in a designated color scheme. It would help in making your bathroom space look bigger and cleaner.

Using lights to brighten the space:

Installing artistic lights in your bathroom would definitely help in giving out that sleek and modern vibe. LED lights around your mirror and vanity or opting for ceiling lights have that calming effect wherever they are placed.

Add a glass door:

Adding a glass door to your shower area would have an edgy and sleek effect. It would also be the best option to replace those shower curtains, which aren’t the best for a modern look.


Small accessories in the bathroom can really elevate the overall look. Having a flower vase near the sink or a fancy soap dispenser would be a good investment within your budget.

Having a cute vanity set, floor mats matching the color scheme, or a shower caddy would prove to be both functional and a cheaper option than a whole renovation.

All these tips would help give your bathroom that renovated and smooth look while being on a budget; follow them to create that mellow place you want!

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