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Moving Homes When You’re Pregnant? 5 Tips for Doing It Efficiently

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The process of moving to a new home is quite the hassle. However, insert a pregnant lady into the picture, and things can get even more challenging. Pregnant women require delicate care and should not be lifting heavy objects, much less becoming involved in heavily tiring activities like packing a whole house and moving. Her baby’s life could be put on the line.

Here are five ways to move homes effectively as a pregnant woman.

1. Get Help

The first step you can do to move homes when pregnant is to ask for help. You may have friends and family who are more than willing to lend a hand and pack your things. They can help you lift heavy objects as well as move boxes to your car or truck and vice versa. If you have no one to help you, you may want to contract a moving company to get the job done. They will pack everything, clean the area, and send your items to your other house without involving you in the physical part of the process.

2. Buy Home Warranty

Another thing you can do is buy a home warranty to ensure you get the proper service if your appliances like refrigerator or water heater break down in your new home. It can also give you peace of mind as a homeowner because you know you’ll be covered on home repairs as well. Depending on the home warranty plans, the rates, as well as the services, will vary. Some companies offer repairs for major appliances, others include roofing costs, and many cover damages from moisture in addition to plumbing and electrician costs.

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Home warranty companies like AFC strive to provide the best service in Arizona. They focus on ensuring their clients’ homes remain cold during hot summers with their home systems plan. They will additionally care for major appliances like dishwashers, washers, and dryers with their silver appliances plan. Moreover, their gold plan coverage includes comprehensive coverage of your home appliances minus microwave and plumbing, while the platinum plan covers everything. You can include additional coverages individually for sump pumps, pools, and water heaters, for example.

3. Use Proper Clothes

Moreover, you should use the right clothes when moving homes. This includes using comfortable shirts and maternity leggings, for example. You want to invest in maternity pants that feel comfortable and don’t leave you feeling stressed because you have to pull them up every so often or they stick too much into your belly. These leggings can look like normal yoga pants, and some may have extra fabric that covers your entire belly up to your chest. These types of leggings provide moms with the comfort and flexibility they need when carrying a baby bump. They can also help keep you cool with built-in cooling minerals to help wick away sweat and moisture quickly.

4. Declutter

Also, you will want to declutter before nesting in your new home. Decluttering will help give you peace of mind because you are starting a new life with new items, less mess, and an adorable little baby. You can take advantage of this decluttering session to free yourself from old attachments or even make a profit in a yard sale.

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5. Pack a Bag

Lastly, you should pack an overnight maternity bag with comfortable maternity clothes as well as food, snacks, and drinks to help you get through your first night at your new place. Remember that your body now needs to eat and drink for two, so you shouldn’t be left without a meals or electrolytes to keep you hydrated and energized.

These tips will help you get through your move like a professional mom.

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