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7 Tips for Keeping Your Garden Wildlife Free

Whether you’re just starting out, planting your garden, or you’ve been gardening for ages, and are just looking for a more efficient way to keep your work wildlife free, look no further. This article is 100% for you.

Maintaining a garden is difficult enough in its own right, even if you don’t have to worry about wildlife. But when unwanted wild animals start visiting, attracted by all the yummy things you’ve planted, it just becomes infinitely more frustrating. So here’s what you can do to keep your garden wildlife-free.

1-Go the homemade route.

Of course, there’s always the option to use store-bought wildlife repellants, but the downside of that is that these repellants often come with a side of dangerous chemicals.

So you can go the homemade route, and make your own wildlife repellent. Usually, you should opt for strong flavors, such as garlic or hot pepper, since most wild animals tend to keep away from those.  Dish soap also works well in the mix, and so a mixture of dish soap, hot pepper sauce or crushed garlic, and water might be just the thing for keeping your garden safe. Simply spray the mixture on your garden regularly, to keep wildlife away.

2-Feed wildlife.

This might seem counterproductive, but actually, distracting the animals from your garden using alternative food sources is pretty smart. You can install bird feeders at the opposite end of your yard, which will attract many smaller animals. If you make sure to keep the feeders full, then the wildlife might not care so much about your garden. Of course, if you are dealing with larger wildlife that might not be attracted by bird feed, you can tailor this trip to your own particular situation, instead.

3-Do your research.

A great way to ensure the safety of your garden patch is to do your research at wildlifepest.org. You want to know how your enemy thinks, right? So read up on the most common types of intrusive wildlife, to learn what attracts them to your yard, as well as how you can keep them away from it. It’s also important to learn the types of damage you can expect from wildlife intruders. 

4-Call a professional. 

Another great way to keep wildlife away is to reach out to a professional wildlife removal company, like US Wildlife Removal. These wildlife removal experts are great not only for actually removing pests from your property but also for working with you on prevention. 

A wildlife removal expert will be able to assess your garden and advise you on what might be attracting the wildlife, as well as what you can do to keep them away. And if you are dealing with a wild animal on your property, do not attempt to remove it yourself. Make sure you reach out to a certified professional. 

5-Fence it up.

Honestly, if you care about your garden at all, then a fence should be non-negotiable. While a fence is not 100% pest-proof, it will seriously limit their access to your garden. 

Try to hit multiple birds with one stone (figuratively, of course! Never hit a bird!) by investing in a fence that keeps multiple types of animals away. You’ll also want to dig your fence deep into the ground, at a slight curve, to keep burrowing animals away from your garden patch.

6-Use plants to your advantage.

Since we already know that wildlife reacts poorly to strong scents, use your garden to your advantage. Plants like mint or lavender are strong-scented and thus act as a natural deterrent to most wild animals. 

You can also plant foul-tasting plants or flowers, like marigolds, to keep away little nibblers.

7-Noise deterrents.

Since most wild animals don’t really like loud or sudden noises, you can use that to your advantage. A turned-on radio can work well in keeping some wild animals away. If that’s not an option, you can hang wind chimes nearby to put animals on edge.

Lastly, you might even invest in a store-bought noise deterrent. These contraptions are usually motion-activated and release a special noise to deter animals from approaching, but without bothering humans.

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