Holiday Car Rental Tips for First Timers

When renting a car for the first time, be smart and find a vehicle that works well for you. Know how to handle your first holiday car rental so you spend your money smartly.

Choose the Right Vehicle to Rent:

When choosing a holiday car rental, find something that fits your travel group comfortably. There are different sizes of cars available to rent. Find one that is small enough for you to drive with ease but that provides enough space for your passengers and cargo. You might choose a rental vehicle similar to your everyday vehicle for ease of use, or you might choose something special to make your tip more enjoyable.

Know Who You Can Rent From Without Issue:

Reviews share a lot of information about rental car companies. Read reviews to learn which companies will try to rip you off and which will set you up with a dirty vehicle or one that does not run well. Research the companies with vehicles available in the area where you need to rent one and rely on the company that sounds the most trustworthy.

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Keep the Car Keys Somewhere Where You Will Not Lose Them:

The keys to your rental car need to be with you at all times. If you lose them, there is a chance that the car will end up stolen. If you experience an issue, such as locked keys in car, you will need to reach out for help. Be careful with the keys and the car, and have the number of an automotive locksmith ready in case you need assistance.

Use Care When Driving and Parking:

If you damage the rental car, you could end up having to pay for it to be repaired. Even if you have insurance that will cover the repairs, wrecking the car could reflect poorly on you. When driving a rental car, use extra care to avoid other vehicles and all hazards. Give yourself time to get to know the car before you attempt to take it on roads that are difficult to drive on. Use care when parking the vehicle and make sure that you allow enough space between it and the vehicles parked around it.

Choose One Person to be the Sole Driver:

Some holiday car rental companies will charge more if more than one person signs up to be the driver of the car that is being rented. Save money by choosing one person to be the sole driver as you travel. When one person does all of the driving, they get to know the vehicle well, and they also get to know the area. Your travel party may be safest when one person does all of the driving.

Renting a car can help you get around in a place where you do not have access to your own vehicle. If you are smart about your car renting decisions, you will end up getting around safely and happily in your rental.

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