Best Link Building Strategies For Affiliate Sites

Companies can increase their revenue through affiliate link building by using user-generated content. According to Google’s ranking algorithm, backlinks play a significant role. Consequently, they’ve become an essential part of SEO

Backlinks can help your affiliate marketing site gain more traffic and authority. You can do this by creating do-follow links. You can earn money with site links if you choose the right partners and set specific objectives. And one way to increase revenue effectively is to prioritize link building. 

Affiliate sites help brands pick prominent influencers to promote their services or products through unique affiliate links. Because of their clicks or sales, influencers receive commissions. But, what link-building strategies can one use? This article provides you with a guide to helping you boost your backlink profile to rank higher for the keywords of your choice. So, let’s dive in. 

What is Link Building?

Link building is the process of getting another affiliate site to link to yours. There are different types of backlinks. Rather than a hundred spam websites, it is better to have your link on one high-authority page. Your authority grows as you build links to your website. 

Visitors may arrive directly through those links or indirectly through search engines. It’s important to note that algorithms are subject to change. But your website will ‌rank higher if it has more authority. Google’s first page is the ‌goal of most intelligent business owners.

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You can use the services of a professional link-building agency like Getmentioned to publish your link in directories, write guest articles, and build authority backlinks. You should declare the arrangement when you place affiliate links on your site. Your audience will expect you to be trustworthy if you want them to provide you with a backlink.

Affiliate Link-Building Strategies

Content relevance and quality are two major factors determining your organic ranking. If you’re in a crowded niche with keywords with high difficulty scores, you’ll need a lot of backlinks pointing to your content. You need to do that if you wish to appear on the first page of Google. Here’s how you can do it:

Create User-Friendly Graphics

A reputable website understands the importance of adding value to its readers. As a supplement to information, they might use online resources, like photography. The web admins will credit your photographs if they are honest. You may cite the image source simply by placing a link to it. 

In case you feel inventive, you can create your infographics. A graphic designer may also ‌provide this skill set. It’s essential to create content. The better your content, the more likely people will link to it.

Niche Blog Guest Posting

Affiliate marketers use guest posts because they are effective. You can get a byline and backlinks by writing a great article and submitting it to your favorite website. If you want your post to be successful, choose an affiliate website with high-quality links relevant to your article’s topic.

Guests can also write for you. There are, however, several common standards that all sites will follow: the number of words, the number of links, the number of pictures, and the formatting of the page. Others require you to discuss themes with them before writing about them, while others accept unsolicited entries. Your reputation as an expert will grow.

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Engage in Industry Blogs and Forums

You might benefit from participating in industry forums to gain organic traffic and engage your target audience. Your business can establish credibility and authority by contributing to industry blogs and providing insight. Industry forums are more likely to allow no-follow links. These platforms may, however, still help your website through authentic engagement and networking.

For the best experience, follow these tips:

  • Determine the right blogs and forums to reach: This requires knowing who you want to contact and where they hang out.
  • Use landing pages to find websites like guest articles that may prove helpful when commenting on blogs or forums.
  • Keeping your audience informed is another excellent way to maximize these discussions. Engage in forums as an authoritative voice while being personable.

Analyze Your Competitors

You can also uncover relevant backlink opportunities by analyzing your competitors’ backlink profiles. Do they write for any specific websites? Where have they syndicated their content?

By analyzing your competitor’s backlinks, you can gain inspiration from what they are doing. You can also use this technique to gain links from websites that are as authoritative as the ones that feature your competition.


You now understand link building and why you should do it as an affiliate marketer. Try examining your competitors’ links, writing guest posts for high-authority websites, and experimenting with different strategies. The result will be increased traffic to your site and affiliate sales.

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