With lowest interest rates ever, best time to buy a Home with PNB Housing Finance

With a thought of buying our dream home one day, we all try to save money to meet the financial requirements. But savings are sometimes not enough to buy a house that requires a considerable amount of money. PNB Housing Finance is the door to your dream home and is offering the lowest interest rates ever. This makes it the best time to take a PNB housing home loan to take a step towards fulfilling your hopes and aspirations.

Benefits of buying a home with PNB Home Finance

Extensive Range: 

PNB housing finance offers a range of home loans including home purchase, home construction, home extension, home improvement and plot loans.

Robust Service:

PNB housing offers door to doorstep services making the process seamless and convenient. It helps in the fast approval of loans along with quick disbursal making the entire process of applying and getting a loan hassle-free.

Interest Rates: 

It is now the perfect time to buy a home with PNB housing finance as their current home loan interest rates are competitive and lowest now than ever before. You can find below the interest rates for salaried, self-employed and self-employed professionals based on the credit score.

Credit Score

(any loan amount)

Salaried Self – Employed Professional Self – Employed
Credit Score less than zero 9.25% – 9.75% 9.25% – 9.75% 9.45% – 9.95%
upto 650 9.25% – 9.75% 9.25% – 9.75% 9.45% – 9.95%
> 650 to < 700 8.95% – 9.45% 8.95% – 9.45% 9.15% – 9.65%
> 700 to < 750 8.85% – 9.35% 8.85% – 9.35% 9.05% – 9.55%
> 750 to < 800 8.75% – 9.25% 8.75% – 9.25% 8.95% – 9.45%
>= 800 8.60% – 9.10% 8.60% – 9.10% 8.85% – 9.35%

Pan India: 

PNB Housing has a pan India network with numerous branches offering quick and smooth services to all the customers. It is one of the leading choices for financing your home loan.


You also get various repayment options that you can choose from depending on what suits you the best and the one that you are comfortable paying. It reduces the chances of defaulting and hence maintains a good credit score which plays an essential role in availing loans in the future.


With highly transparent services and high standards of integrity and ethics throughout PNB makes the best choice for financing a home loan.

Therefore, with the lowest interest rates and several other benefits, PNB Housing is the finest and an excellent financing partner. With simple eligibility criteria and no lengthy documentation process along with a doorstep service, you get the best that there is in the market with PNB Housing. Surpassing expectations and helping you get away from rents to live an independent life in your own big house is nothing less than a dream come true, making PNB the perfect partner in achieving this.

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