Windows 10 Benefits That Windows Don’t Tell You About

What are all the new Windows 10 features? How do they improve my business? Learn about Windows 10 benefits from experts who use the latest operating system…

Windows 10 continues to improve Windows XP users’ productivity and customer satisfaction. It has become an industry standard and is now one of the preferred choices for companies that prefer a modern approach to software and hardware design. Windows 10 benefits offer end users a new and improved way of doing things including faster start-up times, better integration with Windows applications, a better outlook for data security, and improved general performance. If you’re ready to take your productivity to the next level, you’ll find these top 10 Windows 10 benefits so helpful:

Enhanced Windows Security

With Windows 10, companies can protect their data and systems from intrusions, viruses, and malware much easier than ever before thanks to Windows firewall protection. Windows firewall protection works with Windows Operating Systems to prevent unauthorized access. One of the new features in Windows 10 is the Action Centre, which offers a quick way to perform common tasks such as updating Windows, installing programs, and setting Windows settings. Simply tapping into the Action Centre will display a list of frequently used programs and tasks that Windows will automatically assign.

Faster Start-Up

Windows 10 will launch a lot faster than Windows 8. Users have complained about slow start-ups on Windows 8. It also took forever to boot up. With Windows 10, you can immediately start working or playing your favorite Windows 10 desktop game, application, or web browser. Another great Windows 10 benefit is the new Windows Task Manager that allows you to arrange Windows programs on your desktop in the way you want. This allows you to work on your favorite desktop with the speed and efficiency that you need.

Improved Windows Productivity

With Windows 10, businesses can expect improved productivity features, including improved task management, faster start-ups, and improved security features. In particular, Windows’ built-in email capabilities allow you to send multiple emails with just one click of a button. Windows Enterprise mobility management is another feature that enables users to manage their mobile devices from their Windows 10 desktops. Windows now also support Universal Windows Applications, making it easier to access and use your Windows 10 devices from any Windows 10 PC or another device.

Windows Start-Up

With Windows 10, users no longer have to wait for the dreaded blue screen of death to start their computer. Microsoft’s new Windows Start-Up experience is a lot faster and less error-prone. Windows start-up errors can put a big damper on productivity so it is important to ensure that Windows starts quickly and without error. With Windows 10, users are given the option to choose how they want to start their computer each time they power it on.

Error Free Computing

The Windows task manager is a very useful tool that enables you to track and isolate errors on your system. This powerful tool helps you isolate problem areas of your system and provides an overview of the error history so that you can fix problems easier than by searching for them in the control panel. Furthermore, the Windows task manager offers additional tools such as disk defragmenter and help management which are useful additions to any productive Windows PC. The Windows task manager also provides the option to run a virtual machine which allows you to avoid the cost and complexity of installing physical machines. Finally, the Windows 10 support for the universal Windows app simplifies the app store experience on Windows PCs.

Windows 10 cloud hosting

If you’re not convinced yet about the Windows 10 benefits you stand to gain from cloud computing, then consider this: you will no longer be tied to a single PC or laptop. You can access your files from any location thanks to a reliable Windows 10 app, and you can get more done with fewer work thanks to split-testing and multi-tabling. Windows 10 on the cloud offers a great alternative to traditional computing, and you can use it anytime.

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