Why Your Landing Page is Important for Driving Traffic

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and your landing page is the first thing that visitors see. While there is more to SEO than just your landing page, your landing page is the start of the user experience for your visitor, and that alone can greatly affect your conversion rate.

When a potential customer visits your web page for the first time, he or she will probably be looking at your landing page first. There are many elements to a good landing page: headline, hero image, ad copy, action button, etc. Therefore, hiring the right landing page optimization services should be part of your best practices.

Visual Content

A picture is worth a thousand words, so your hero image should be well-chosen. The first step is to get a quality image. You might think that you are a good photographer, but depending on the amount of web traffic you wish to drive to your web page and who your target audience is, you might want to enlist the services of a professional photographer or at least purchase the rights to the appropriate image from a stock photo company. The next step is to make sure that the image is properly formatted and set to the ideal hue, which might involve some use of Photoshop or some other Adobe program. Finally, the strategic placement of the hero image is critical to the overall look of your landing page design.

The hero image is not the only form of visual content, however. Video content can be a real attention-getter and should not be overlooked.

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Written Content

Just as you might wish to hire the services of a professional photographer for visual content, you might also wish to hire some type of professional writer, be it an SEO content writer, copywriter, or a web page writer. Depending on your target audience, your potential customer might not want to have to read a lot of words, so the choice of words for your headline, ad copy, and even your sales button is of critical importance.

Moreover, the use of keywords is also of critical importance for driving traffic to your web page. Therefore, professions with the right knowledge of search engine optimization, landing page optimization, conversion optimization, and even Google Analytics can be vital to your success.

One caveat, however: Google has changed its best practices a lot over the past 10 years. In the past, it was common for web content writers to create a salad of irrelevant keywords in the hope of driving user traffic. Well, the party is now over! Google has discovered that the best traffic is organic traffic, and they are tired of the bounce rate. Therefore, they are making the user experience a priority and expect excellent, relevant content. The bottom line is that those with irrelevant content and useless keywords will be judged swiftly and without mercy, not by humans, but by algorithms. That is why your page optimization services should include writers that understand the current reality of Google Analytics and are not trapped in dated, 2010 paradigms.

Tags, Descriptions, and Other Secret Words

Anyone who has created his or her own website or YouTube channel knows that those seeking complete page optimization have the opportunity to enter in a lot of words that will not necessarily appear on the site. The ability to fill out form fields for the registration forms on YouTube, Google, LinkedIn, and other social media seems simple enough. However, every word you write on the form field within one of those forms is a piece of content and a traffic source, and that content can be used for page optimization. The only difference is that written content on your page is read by potential customers, and the written content on your registration form is read by algorithms. Those algorithms, regardless of whether they are alive, are still a traffic source, and they should be treated with care.

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