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Why you need to go for homestays while at Chikmagalur!

Chikmagalur, officially known as Chikkamagaluru, is a district in the state of Karnataka. It is one of the districts where coffee was first cultivated. There are many beautiful spots that tourists often visit and it is one of the best tourist spots in India. Chikmagalur homestays give you a much-needed vibe and give you the full experience.

Etymologically, In Kannada, the town’s name means “The town of the younger daughter” and was said to have been given in dowry to the younger daughter of Rukmangada, the legendary chief of Sakkarepatna which is the reason for its name.

The district is mainly located on the hills and hence has a very blissful climate with a peaceful surrounding. It gives beautiful panoramic views from several spots at the top of the hills. Chikmagalur homestays are one of the best options to opt for when visiting the place.

Firstly, we would like to start by telling you about the hospitality of the homestays there. Homestays are more linked to their traditions and even the houses are traditionally built giving you a total vibe of the town so that you can enjoy the place in all its sense. The stay will definitely give you a feeling of a guest who is more than a customer and will give you that at-home feeling which is necessary to fully explore the place with its roots.

Then comes the food. If you stay at any other place like a resort or a hotel, you won’t be able to fully indulge in the cuisine that is traditional from the place. The places might not have the pure traditionally homemade type of food and hence to experience that kind of food you need to stay at a homestay facility and get your hands on the homemade traditional food which is absolutely delicious and well made. You get to explore the local culture and lifestyle through the food that you get and that counts as a different experience altogether. If you would have stayed at a hotel or a resort, the menu is a mixture of traditional and modern cuisine but the food isn’t that traditionally made as it would have been at the homestay and therefore you need to try it once.

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The at-home feeling when you’re away from your own home is something you will love. A homestay can give you that feeling. It can be your home away from home and something to get in touch with the cultural, religious and traditional aspects of the town. The hills and the climate are so calm and composed that it can be your go-to escape whenever you feel like it!

Nobody knows as a large part of the land’s secret wonders as a local family. While official guides will direct you to the top attractions just, it is the homestays in Chikmagalur that will control you to objections that have won their love. It is more inviting to esteem the stunning landscape and cookout in valleys with a family to impart your satisfaction too. It’s consistently, the more with regards to occasions; more is always better. While remaining in Chikmagalur resorts, it is hard to track down such a partner companion circle. With local guides, you can explore all those hidden attractions that are not known to many and you will get a different perspective of the place than any other normal tourist would get.

While extravagance can be enticing, nothing beats waking in a spot like Chikmagalur in a coffee plantation with beautiful birds chirping and transcending mountains as your company toward the beginning of the day. Prestigious for its untamed life Chikmaglur has coffee plantations, estates, and so on There are a couple of resorts that offer such an environment, yet your bank account would consume the expense each night. At the point when you decided to live in homes in Chikmagalur which are nearer to those normal delights, you’d appreciate an agreeable nature occasion at a much smaller investment. Instead of spending too much at a hotel or a resort, opt for homestays as they can give you the feeling no other place can and they’re pocket friendly as well. By doing this you’re not only helping yourself but also the locals of the town and it is a sustainable way of visiting any place.

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Chikmagalur is also known as the coffee land. You can enjoy coffee sitting at the hills of Karnataka every day with a wonderful view of the area with surreal weather.

The Western Ghats start from this district and the beautiful Yagachi River begins from the encompassing slopes. Chikmagalur is acclaimed for its tranquil climate, lavish green woods and tall mountains. It is likewise celebrated for the espresso and is frequently alluded to as the espresso place where there is Karnataka. There is a sufficient number of spots to be visited here which implies there are numerous activities.

Probably the best activities in Chikmagalur, that ought to stay on your rundown are visiting Mullayanagiri, which is the most noteworthy pinnacle of the state, travelling to Kudremukh top, appreciating the perspectives on backwaters of Hirekolale lake, investigating the espresso estate fields, considering going all-in at the buttermilk falls, investigating Belavadi and Hale bidu, take a journey visit to HoranaduAnnapoorneshwari sanctuary, find the magnificence of Bhadra Dam, trip to Bababudangiri slope, visit Belur, visit KavikalGandi perspective, and so forth. While visiting a homestay, make sure to ask them about the famous spots of the town.

Chikmagalur Homestays are a great accommodation option for the best traditionally curated experience that you are looking for. any place you visit, if you don’t explore the cultural, traditional and regional elements, the trip seems incomplete hence we would like to advise you to choose a homestay instead of a hotel or a resort. Make sure to visit the places mentioned above and plan your homestay well in advance to get everything readily available. Have a great trip ahead!

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