Why should you opt for a BSc Psychology course?

A psychology degree is one of the most in-demand courses among undergraduate students due to its scope and possibilities. Psychology studies human behaviour and finds its use in every field related to human beings. From healthcare to businesses, psychology is applicable in diverse fields.

A BSc psychology degree teaches you lessons that prepare you to build a career in the field. Developing skills, and gaining experience through internships, etc. help you ace the role of a psychologist in any field that demands your presence.

The high demand for psychology, the scope of the field, and the diverse career opportunities make BSc psychology a course worth studying. Let’s analyze these in detail.

What is psychology?

Psychology is the study of human behaviour that helps to understand the nature of different actions and circumstances. It can be termed the study of cognitive sciences and the process of gaining knowledge about behaviour, emotions, motives, etc.

A degree in psychology takes you through the foundations of psychology, patterns of human behaviour, psychological disorders, and methods of healing. The field has many specializations such as clinical, business, health, educational, forensic, sports, industrial, and so on.

Scope of psychology

As mentioned above, the field of psychology is vast and encompasses diverse specializations. The scope of study of psychology is thus large. The basic area of study is related to human behaviour and emotions whereas different specializations build from this base.

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Clinical psychology addresses mental health issues of individuals, business psychology involves practices aimed at improving the working conditions of employees, educational psychology studies human learning processes, sports psychology studies factors that affect the performance of athletes, and so on. The wide range of applications of a psychology degree has drawn students to take this course as a major for their undergraduate studies.

High demand for psychologists

As the scope of psychology is huge, there is a growing demand for psychologists in every known field. Understanding human behaviour is an integral aspect of any organization’s success. Having a psychologist with a related specialization boosts the productivity and chances of growth of any organization.

In this digital age and corporate work culture, prioritizing the mental health of employees is very important. This has led to vacancies for psychologists in many fields and industries. The high demand for psychologists in India and foreign countries alike has increased the likeness toward taking up psychology majors for an undergraduate degree.

Career opportunities

Students with a psychology degree can find job roles in a variety of industries and sectors. Let’s go through a few popular ones.

  • Clinical psychologist

A clinical psychologist works in clinics, hospitals, or individually to counsel people with mental health issues and guide them through their healing journey.

  • Sports psychologist

A sports psychologist works closely with athletes to identify their issues and help enhance their performance.

  • Business psychologist

A business psychologist helps create better workplaces by supporting employees.

  • Aviation psychologist

Aviation psychologists provide help and support to aviation crews during times of distress such as accidents, threats, etc.

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The possibilities offered by a psychology course make it one of the best choices for an undergraduate degree.

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