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Why should you choose safe stairs over attractive-looking stairs?

As we all know, stairs provide the outlook of the building, room, house, or office they’re fitted in. They are responsible for giving a classy and chic view of the surrounding. But the question stands here.

Would you rather be safe or stylish?

How attractive looking stairs can be unsafe

Stairs are already quite a nightmare for the acrophobic. Imagine you are acrophobic and visiting a friend at a seven-floor building with no lift and stairs with no handrails. Would you risk it?

Stairs should offer safety to the residents and users. These tumble down the stairs are violent and scary. One slip from that unfinished curve of the tread, and you will be rolling down two flights of stairs. These accidents might prove to be mortal.

What are the possible injuries that could occur to a human body if they slipped from one flight of stairs?

  •       Broken bones
  •       Spinal cord injury
  •       Soft tissue damages
  •       Traumatic brain injuries
  •       Lacerations
  •       Bone Fractures

And who will be blamed for this negligence?

Hence, it is always better to be safe. Choose an option that offers not only an attractive overview but also safety.

How can you be safe?

Some of the important safety precautions to avoid any incidents are strong metal stairs. The Active Metal Stairs design is the very best option for safe stairs. Metal and steel staircases ensure Hundred percent safety and security to its users reducing the chances of slipping accidents to nearly zero.

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Another way of avoiding accidents is that the lighting near the staircases should be improved. No fluctuations should be ignored and immediately tended to. Improving visibility can reduce stairways accident by 70%.

The staircases should regularly be mopped every day to make sure that the stairs are non-slipper.

People should be encouraged to use handrails. Handrails offer to bolster and every person should use handrails.

Where to buy the safest and strongest stairways?

The Active Metal Stairs design in Melbourne provides the strongest, secure and well-built metal and steel stairs. There are many options available for the customers to choose from. These metal stairs vary in terms of the following features:

  •       Size of treads
  •       Shape
  •       Handrail length
  •       Color of treads
  •       Material

Stairs and their strength depending on the material of the treads, handrails, and the balustrades (rods between treads and surface top of handrail).

Designing and installing safe metal stairs for any office, house, or building is quite a difficult task. I think it is a work of art. Only a talented architect and a very experienced team can do the task perfectly without an error or mishap. Designing and painting on handrails of metal and steel is an exceptionally complicated task as well. So, for the ideal and perfect task, make sure the team hired for the installation is professional and masters the duty. Active Metal Stairs design has a dependable and talented team who can masterfully install the perfect stairs the most flawlessly.

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Better safe than sorry!

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