Why Parents Make Good Police Officers

Are you seeking a new career? Being a parent is the toughest job out there, which means that the skills and attributes that you need as a parent can lend themselves to many different professions. One profession that parents are well-suited to is police work, and it is easy to see why so many parents find success in law enforcement work. Even if this is an area that you have no experience in, you might find it worthwhile pursuing a career in this field as it can bring many benefits to your life. Keep reading to discover why parents make great police officers.

It Is All About Enforcing Rules

The most obvious reason parents make good police officers is that both roles are about enforcing rules. Obviously, there is a difference in that laws are slightly more serious than the rules that you set for your kids, but you still need to be able to enforce both and have a high degree of knowledge about what the laws (and punishments) are. There is no flexibility when it comes to the law, which means that you need to enforce the rules.

You Must Command Respect

Leading on from this, respect is key if you are to find success as a parent or a police officer. If people are to obey the law and listen to what you have to say, you need to command respect. This means that you need to be firm, self-confident, and decisive in your actions. As a parent, you are fighting a losing battle if you do not have the respect of your kids, so this is something that parents know how to develop with people.

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You Must Be Approachable

Although it is important that you are firm and able to command respect, you also need to be friendly and approachable. Law enforcement is all about protecting the community and helping people, so this means that you need to be someone that people will feel comfortable going up to and asking for help. Again, this is something that parents need to have so that they can support and look after their kids. 

You Need Excellent Communication Skills

Good communication skills are essential as both a parent and a police offer, but this is not just limited to speaking to other people. The best police officers (and parents) are the ones that are good listeners and also highly observant. You need to be able to pick up on non-verbal queues and have an understanding of body language to see what people are really feeling as often they will try to conceal this from you. 

Problem-Solving Skills Are Key

Parenting and police work often feels a lot like firefighting. You are constantly spending your time trying to solve situations and help people out, which means that you need to have good problem-solving skills. You need to be able to think critically, determine the best solution in a high-pressure situation and take action. 

You Must Be Able To Deescalate Situations

Leading on from this, a good police officer can walk into a tense, volatile situation and deescalate the situation. While the stakes are higher in police work, you will find that this is something that parents frequently have to do with their kids when they argue with a friend or throw a tantrum. Deescalation is key for keeping the peace and making sure that no serious harm or damage is caused. 

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You Must Be Empathetic

You must also be empathetic and able to put yourself in other people’s shoes as both a parent and a police officer. This is how you connect with people, better understand their situation, and find the best ways to help them. When you are a police officer, you will often be dealing with people that are upset, in a difficult situation, and experiencing a wide range of different emotions. You need to be supportive, empathetic, and able to identify what the best way to get through to this person is, and this is something that you quickly learn as a parent when helping your child. 

You Need To Lead By Example

A good parent leads by example and follows their own rules. This is because your kids will look up to you and adopt your habits, so you will want to set a good example. As a police officer, you will only find success with your work and develop a positive reputation if you lead by example and are a positive figure in the community. Police officers can sometimes have a bad reputation, and you will want to avoid this at all costs by being someone that people can look to as a helpful presence in the community. 

Physical Fitness Is Important

Finally, you will find that physical fitness is hugely important in both roles. To succeed as a parent, you need to be in good shape so that you can play with the kids, run them around and generally look after them. As a police officer, you will spend a lot of time on your feet and rushing around, so the physical fitness and strength that you get from parenting can be hugely helpful when you take on law enforcement work.

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Getting Started

Obviously, you cannot simply expect to stroll into a job as a police officer just because you are a parent. For parents, a good entry point is with a degree in criminology that will prepare you for work in law enforcement and other jobs in crime, justice, and criminology. The course is also entirely online, which makes it easier to juggle life as a parent and any other responsibilities that you have.

As you can see, life as a parent can prepare you well for a career in law enforcement. Police officers often find that the skills and attributes needed to be a good parent translate well into the work you do while protecting your community and enforcing the law, making the role a good fit for parents. 

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