Why hiring an SEO agency is often more effective than doing your SEO in-house?

You already do SEO internally, so why spend unnecessary money hiring an SEO agency? Or, you say to yourself that it is high time to invest in a lever that would allow you to get out of your dependence on Google advertising (Adwords), and you hesitate between doing it yourself or calling on professionals.

While some actions can be carried out independently, SEO your site from A to Z yourself can be hazardous, especially if you lack the required skills or experience.

SEO is a “high-flying” mission that should not be taken lightly. Indeed, you have to be at the forefront of the latest SEO techniques, know the evolutions of Google algorithms, have precise knowledge of the tools to use and above all, have time, a lot of time because SEO is rather time-consuming and requires attention and time that you usually don’t always have in your business.

Why call on a specialized agency rather than internal skills?

The guarantee of an optimized site that complies with SEO rules: Having a website is a good beginning, but it is far from sufficient to be visible to your prospects. The job doesn’t end with creating your site; you have to make it exist on the search engines.

This is where the expertise of SEO consultants comes into play. The SEO profession cannot be improvised. This requires constant monitoring, solid knowledge of SEO rules (which are constantly evolving), and the use of the most current SEO techniques.

For example, if you miss a change in Google’s algorithm and do not make the optimizations on time, it is your visibility that is at stake. While if you entrust this task to an  SEO Company, you are guaranteed that your SEO will be optimal in the long term.

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Added value in saving time and money: Calling on an agency specializing in natural referencing is an investment, of course. However, the agencies generally have experience and tools that you do not have, which allows them to save precious time while providing you with the information necessary for the understanding and the result of the actions carried out.

Experience, the real added value of an agency: If you are looking to set up an SEO strategy on your own, you risk spending 3 hours on a task, whereas an SEO expert would do it in 10 minutes. For example, for the implementation of a net linking strategy, you will have to find influential blogs in your theme, choose those which have the best contribution in terms of natural referencing, contact them one by one, etc.

Digital Marketing Company, on the other hand, usually has provided lists of blogs they’ve worked with in the past and for which they’ve already measured the SEO impact of a post. It, therefore, saves a lot of time, time that you could use for other strategic tasks.

Saving tools, a significant gain each month: By going through an SEO Company in Lahore, you also risk saving money compared to the investments required in the tools for monitoring and managing an SEO strategy.

Indeed, to be effective in the implementation of actions aimed at optimizing SEO, it is necessary to use certain tools/software to ensure that they will have a positive impact on SEO. For example, it is generally recommended to use a tool for monitoring the positioning of the site’s main keywords, a site crawl tool to ensure proper technical functioning, etc.

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All of these tools generally cost monthly licenses, which represent a certain budget each month. An agency generally has all these tools but has the advantage of being able to benefit from wholesale prices while amortizing these investments on all of its clients. Thus, by using a Digital Marketing Company, you pay for the time that the agency will devote to your site and some of the tools that it will use.

An SEO agency doesn’t cost an arm, and it is reassuring: An SEO Company is there to advise you on the best solutions to put in place for your site. The Seo service is carried out according to your needs, your objectives, and the budget you wish to allocate to it.

Conclusion: In addition, it is reassuring to know that Digital Marketing Company watch over your visibility and provide solutions when you encounter a problem with your site: do you know what actions to take in the event of Google penalty (yes, this does not happen? than to others!)? Could you explain a sharp drop in your traffic from search engines such as Google? Could you identify a technical error that would impact the natural referencing of your site? 

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