Why Google Has Successfully Lead Among Its Competitors

Over the past 20 years, Google has experienced a significant change from being a small startup to a global juggernaut. Google’s entry product is the online search engine, making it possible for Google to rule over the market. The primary objective of Google is to offer the most relevant content to its users. Everyone today is dependent on Google for any information. Also, Google’s SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) has undergone drastic changes in the last 20 years. 

A while back, black-hat SEO techniques were used to rank any website in search results depending on the keywords used. As Google aims to offer the most relevant and high-grade content to users, the content quality and user experience have become two significant SEO components that a leading SEO agency would focus on.  

How did Google improve its search results? What extra components have been added to Google’s SERP? Let us now look at the changes that Google has made in the Search Engine Results Pages over time. 

  • 1998

In the year 1998, Google’s online search engine came into operation. Several websites with different information were developing in that century, and Google introduced Search Engine Results Pages to offer useful and relevant information to users. Larry Page and Sergey Brin developed a “PageRank algorithm” to rank websites and provide helpful content to users. 

  • 2000

Till 2000, there were no ads present on Google. Therefore, Google invented AdWords. The most relevant display ads were displayed in search results depending upon the user’s search. You can also promote your brand with Google AdWords. We also offer Google Ads Management services for you.

  • 2001 
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Google launched Image Search in 2001. The Image Search made it accessible to users to search through more than 250 million images. All images are displayed at the top of the search engine results relevant to the user’s search. Therefore, content developers were encouraged to add pictures and HTML attributes to the content. 

  • 2004

In 2004, Google launched local search results. With local search results, people can find nearby businesses and services. An SEO agency will help your business appear in local search results. Doing this will help you find more customers, and indeed, increase sales. 

  • 2005

One of the most desirable features of Google, which has brought great comfort in people’s lives is Google Maps. With Google Maps, people can easily find directions to any new place or find a particular business’s or service’s location. 

  • 2006 

Google launched Plus Box in 2006. How does it work? Consider a user searching for a business, and Google has more extra information about that particular business. When the user clicks on the Plus box, additional information about that business, like address, contact number, etc., is made available. 

  • 2010 – 2013

In 2010, Google invented Place Search. When users search the specific place, the Google search engine offers the top seven local listings with a Google Map window, address, phone number, and Google reviews of each location in the listing. 

Schema Markup and Google+ platform were introduced in 2011. With Google+, authors can add their names on the listing and increase their return visits and CTR. 

Knowledge Graph was another invention of Google back in 2012. It appears on the window panel’s right side, offering an information summary that the user is searching for.

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Google’s Carousel was introduced in 2013, which offers a listing of restaurants, hotels, nightlife, best movies in 2016, etc. It provides quick results based on the user’s queries. 

  • 2014 – 2018

Google search results displayed the ‘In the News’ panel, which later turned out to be ‘Top Stories’. In 2016, Featured Snippets was launched, displaying the information summary that the user is searching for. The ‘Jobs’ feature in 2017 made it manageable for people to find jobs online. Finally, in 2018, Google added videos in a carousel. 

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