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Who should consider investing in an LED display?

Technology has improved all aspects of our lives. With things changing at a faster pace, the advertising industry has taken a liking for LED displays. Today, the rental LED screen is the preferred method of advertising for businesses of all sizes. Also, outdoor events are using LED walls to draw a larger crowd.

If you still haven’t invested in indoor and outdoor LED signage, this post is for you. Here we are going to elaborate on why investing in LED displays is a profitable venture.

Outdoor LED signs are more effective 

LED signage like transparent LED displays has the potential to give a massive return on investment by getting you much more customers as compared to traditional methods. According to studies, LED signage captures 400% more audience that directly translates to 32.8% growth of customer acquisition.

Also, the LED display market is expected to reach $12 billion by the end of 2022. While the developed nations like the USA and Europe are already using LED displays as a preferred marketing tool, developing nations like India and China are also boosting their businesses with help of these solutions.

Outdoor LED signage is an effective way to advertise. Whether it’s a transparent LED display or a rental LED screen, the return on investment is always high. As you can use the same screens and displays for multiple messages, the delivery of results is fast and more effective.

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Higher visibility rate 

Traditional print media had its limitations but LED displays overcame them all. The improvement in technology has made LED screens simply extraordinary. The modern rental LED screen can shine under the brightest sun. Also, due to the outstanding screen quality, people can see these screens even from miles away. This gives you the freedom to advertise using the same LED display during the day and at night. If you are planning to use the transparent LED display under the sun, it is important that you choose a product with a brightness of at least 2,000 nits or above.

You will want people to get the messages you are trying to advertise, which can only be achieved with a screen of appropriate brightness levels.


There was a time when buying a transparent LED display was extremely expensive, but not anymore. Today, you can buy LED screens at an affordable cost. Also, what most business owners do not realize is that the cost paid for media print throughout the year is higher.

With LED screens you pay the upfront cost just once and you get an advertisement medium that will serve you for years. On average a LED display can live up to 100,000 hours is up to 11 years. When you calculate the year-on-year costs, it’s less than $200 a year!

Now that’s a bargain. Also, you will not need anything extra to update the content on the display. As the process is automated, you just have to design and input your message in the connected computer system and you are ready to display something new.

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Make as many changes to the content or display settings as you want, you do not need an expert for any of that. With a few clicks, you can change the content on these LED displays from anywhere in the world.

Help the environment with LED signs 

Print media is not environment friendly for a number of reasons. The printing process consumes a lot more energy than outdoor LED signs. Also, the paper ads have to be frequently replaced as they are not durable or weather resistant. With digital media, you save paper and also help reduce the consumption of electricity. Also, the return on investment is much higher as paper ads are not that lucrative or attention-grabbing.

LED display ads save 95% energy as compared to the production of print media. Also, with the advancement in technology, LED screens can consume 80 times less power making them eco-friendly.

LED signs are engaging

One of the reasons why LED signage advertising is so effective is its high appeal. The content for digital advertising can easily communicate the message to the audience. Outdoor rental LED screens work best at a public level.

There are interactive digital signs that can engage an audience and get instant feedback. A good example of such LED signage is an interactive screen for wayfinding. LED signs have a high positivity advertising impact on the audience.

Easily customizable 

There are endless customizing options available for LED signage displays. These display screens are available in a variety of sizes, designs, shapes, pixels, etc. You can get a custom LED screen made for your business needs at affordable prices.

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A worthwhile investment 

Investing in rental LED screens is promising. It will not only enhance your brand image and increase foot traffic but will also give you the best return on investment.

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