Which Devices Does Kodi Work On?

Ever since the dawn of capitalism, it has become increasingly hard to live on a budget. Eating out, treating yourself, watching your favorite shows, indulging in any pleasure imaginable seems to exact a heavy toll on one’s wallet. Living just isn’t fun if you’re tight on cash. Fortunately for humankind, however, wherever there is a ditch, there is a way around it.

The Kodi TV app allows users to indulge in this detour. Allowing you to basically transform your device into a full-blown entertainment system, it’s a great cord-cutting hack. Kodi gives you unbridled access to all kinds of family-favorite freebies. A complete package for free movies, shows, music, and games, Kodi TV is here to put your Smart TV to shame.

Although somewhat debatable on whether you legally should, you can run Kodi on just about anything. From your Xbox to your old computer, there are not many hardware devices the app doesn’t support. Anything with a Dual Core 2.0 GHz CPU, roundabouts 2GB of RAM, and a half-decent video card will suffice. 

However, if you’re installing Kodi on your old PC, your objectives extend far above cord-cutting and range into delusion. So here’s a quick idea of stuff you can get the Kodi app on, whilst still operating within the bounds of sanity.

Mobile Devices and Tablets

The logical choice for individuals who don’t own a TV, the Kodi TV app is a quick fix. Working on both iOS and Android, the Kodi app gives the full-fledged experience. With all streaming and entertainment features packed into your phone, you’ll never be short of stuff to watch.

Additionally, as if you needed convincing, Kodi also supports casting from your phone/tablet. So if you’ve got a Smart TV and want your shows on the big screen, the app has you covered.

Smart TV

Speaking of which, you’re most likely not going to need the casting feature if you do have a Smart TV. Yep, Kodi TV has a dedicated Smart TV app that’s available on almost any app store on your TV, and it’s totally free to download. Kodi ensures that you never need to spend a single penny, simply download the app and run it to get the full experience.

The best part about getting Kodi on your Smart TV is the ease of use. Since it’s mostly designed for TVs, the Kodi app runs great on your screen and also streams faster. With Full HD support, there’s no way you can go wrong with Kodi on your TV.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

The FireStick is a gateway to many troves of cord-cutting treasure, and Kodi TV leads the frontline on that. Freeing you from the shackles of paid content, Kodi brings the best jailbreaking solution to your FireStick. Downloading the app is a bit unconventional, but you can learn how to install Kodi on FireStick easily.

Of all the options, this is the best one. Not only does Kodi have dedicated support, but it’s also one of the best ways to spice up your FireStick. With a simple and intuitive UI and convenient design, Kodi provides you with a world of endless content, with just the click of a button. Providing you with tons of content to watch and stream from your FireStick, it’s almost the perfect hack.

The Verdict

Whether you’re watching on a phone, or you’ve got a Smart TV, Kodi is for you. Kodi isn’t just the best for streaming, it’s the best for all your entertainment needs. Providing full accessibility in all versions of the app, it’s your gateway to the cord-cutting experience.

Providing free content for folks on their phones and TVs, Kodi is for everyone. However, despite having support for all systems, the FireStick best compliments the Kodi experience. If you’re one of the fortunate few that find themselves indulging the spoils of one, you’ll find that there’s probably a no better app for you than Kodi TV.

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