Where To Buy Groundnut Oil In India? Does Buying Groundnut Oil Payoff?

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Food tastes good when cooked in cooking oil. However, oily food gives rise to the accumulation of cholesterol as well. The very same cholesterol accumulates in your arteries constricting blood flow. 

Over the due course of time, if left untreated, this gives to chronic heart diseases that often result in fatalities. Prevention of all of that, more or less, depends on the type of food you eat. And the quality of the food you cook depends on the cooking oil you use.

Good cooking oil should never have even the slightest trace of cholesterol in it. Because cholesterol is the root cause of nearly all heart diseases. On top of that, it will be a bonus if it comes with some other essential nutrients. This is because food cooked in oil absorbs its contents. So, food cooked in a healthy oil will soak its essential nutrients and qualities.

There are many healthy options for cooking oils on the market. One of them is groundnut oil. Studies have shown that replacing sources of unsaturated fats in your diet with this reduces the odds of getting heart disease. This article is all about groundnut oil and where to buy them and if they are worth your money and health.

What Is Groundnut Oil?

As its name suggests, peanuts, or groundnuts, are the sources of groundnut oil. With a mild to neutral flavor, it is abundantly found in regions including the Indian subcontinent, America, China, and Southeast Asia. 

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The biggest reason it is used so widely for cooking purposes is due to its high content of unsaturated fat. Plus, it also contains several vitamins and antioxidants that help keep your body healthy and improve immunity.

Major components of groundnut oil are oleic acid, linoleic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, arachidic acid, behenic acid, and lignoceric acid (fatty acids essential for the human body). In addition to a plethora of fatty acids, it also has Vitamin E and Zinc. The best part is that it is free of any harmful elements, like cholesterol and Selenium.

Where To Buy Groundnut Oil?

It is really necessary to be very cautious about the source of the food items you are buying. If you ingest a food not processed properly and hygienically, then it can cause serious issues in your system. That’s why it is always advised to buy food items from renowned brands only. 

Renowned brands have a reputation for hygienic and health-friendly food processing facilities. Also, don’t buy overly refined groundnut oil. This is because a highly refined oil can contain traces of hexane that is a petroleum product.

Always buy groundnut oil from famous and trustworthy brands. Not only that, always buy this kind of thing from a retailer that keeps only fresh food items and takes care of hygiene seriously. Buying groundnut oil from a shady source can land your health in trouble. So, beware of it.

Is Buying Groundnut Oil Worth Your Money?

The answer is yes. It is not only useful but useful too if you care for your health. Below are many reasons you should be buying groundnut oil:

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It Has Antioxidants

Antioxidants are necessary for the immune system. Also, they help your body detoxify. The antioxidative components of the groundnut oil get absorbed by the food during cooking. When you eat the very same food, you get all the benefits of healthy cooking oil.

It Has Very Less To No Amount Of Saturated Fats

Saturated fats are bad for health. Everyone knows that. But do you know that many cooking oils in the market contain an insane amount of saturated fats? On the other hand, the majority of the fat in groundnut oil is unsaturated. This is yet another reason it’s a good idea to switch to groundnut oil.

It Contains Vitamin E and Zinc

Nutrients are pivotal in ensuring the overall well-being of the body. Groundnut oil contains some of the essential nutrients like Vitamin E and Zinc. While Vitamin E helps maintain skin and eye health along with strengthening the immune system, Zinc improves the immune system, thyroid function, and blood clotting.

It Is Cholesterol-free

Cholesterol-free cooking oil has become people’s first choice nowadays. Since high cholesterol is the major factor behind heart diseases, people are replacing such cooking oils with healthy alternatives. One of the healthiest and cholesterol-free alternatives is groundnut oil.

Not only cholesterol, but it is also free of Selenium that is a widely found component in cooking oils.

Wrapping It Up

Groundnut oil is worth every penny. If you are serious about your well-being and health, then you should seriously consider replacing your cholesterol-laden oil with groundnut oil. Here are simply too many pros of including groundnut oil in your eating regime. It is full of antioxidants and essential nutrients like vitamins and Zinc. On top of it, it is also free of cholesterol and Selenium. What more can one expect from cooking oil? Using groundnut oil is a very wise decision, health-wise.

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