When to Use PDFs on Your Website

PDFs have their place, and all you have to do is figure out when to use them. The following guide will show you when it’s best to use PDFs on your site. 

Frequent Sharing

If you know you’re going to be sharing files with clients, then it’s important to use PDFs. The problem of sharing files without using something as universal as a PDF is that you don’t know what tool your clients will use to convert the file. 

When the file is open, it could look strange or in disarray, making your business look bad. A PDF maintains the original format, no matter where your file ends up, maintaining the file’s integrity and your own.

Customer Protection

Businesses have to protect the privacy of their customers or clients. This is especially true if the shared information is sensitive. The thing people don’t know sometimes is that PDFs can be password protected. 

If that’s what you need to make your clients or customers feel safer, you know your site needs it. Adobe Acrobat mentions that customers or clients might need a good PDF converter to make sure they can use the downloaded files. 

Various Operating Systems

There are many operating systems out there, from Microsoft to Apple and Android, just to name a few. Sometimes, transferring files from those systems to another can be challenging, but not if you use PDFs to share. 

Businesses know that it’s vital that their site is as user-friendly as possible. The easier to navigate, the more effective your overall UX will be. This is why you need to make sure you use PDFs because this will make it easy to send your files to whoever you want, no matter their operating system. 

To Protect Branding

Sometimes, a file needs special formatting. It needs specific graphics, colors, and designs. Usually, this is the case because you’re worried about branding, which makes sense. Branding helps create loyalty and ensures that the overall message of the business comes across. 

These additions might not show up at all, or they could show up distorted when the file is shared. That’s not a good thing for your business. If you’re concerned about this, it’s best to use PDFs on your site. 

International Clients

PDFs can be viewed everywhere, including other places around the world. If you know your business will be interacting with folks in other countries, then PDFs are the right way to go. 

The use of PDFs is so widespread that it doesn’t make sense to use any other format. If you know your website gets traffic from all over the world, you need to make sure you can provide visitors with something that’s easily accessible. You’ll be surprised how happy your international clients or customers will feel when you have something like this ready for them.

Hopefully, these points make it easy to understand why you should use PDFs on your site. You can talk to your site builder to properly integrate PDFs if you need help.

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