What Makes FamiSafe Parental Control App Top One Phone Tracker App?

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Before technology took root among the masses, the location tracking was only possible with the involvement of the police. The worst is that they couldn’t and can’t meet the demand for this service. Who doesn’t want to know the location of their family members? The officers cannot afford to track everybody or every kid within a country.

Thanks to growth in technology because we now have an array of parental control apps and software on the internet. Parents can now get the live locations of their children right from their phones. You only need to track a cell phone you purchased for your kids and conveniently see their location.

To keep your kids safer than ever, you should consider using the FamiSafe parental control app. It has the most sophisticated features that help parents track their children with minimal struggle. Users also love the fact that it’s affordable and effective. Though they offer low subscription fees, Wondershare doesn’t compromise the functionality of this useful application.

What Makes FamiSafe the Best?

Anyone will want to install the best apps on their smartphones or software on their PCs. In most cases, we consider the usefulness and effectiveness of an app’s features to gauge them. FamiSafe parental control app has many useful apps that make it top the list of the best parental and phone tracker apps. Below are the features of FamiSafe:

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Location Tracking and Geofencing Features.

I guess any parent with a parental control app on his/her phone will at some point want to check the child’s live location. The parental control app comes with a handy live location tracking feature. This feature is easy to access because you only open the app and see the live location of your kid.

More to that, the app gives you a location history to help you know the places that your children visit when you are away. Could be, they visit their friends or go to the cinema halls without your consent. The app shows a map displaying the visited locations and the time they were there. It is good to advise your children on the places to visit and the risky places.

The Geofencing feature gives your phone the authority to alert you when your kids leave and enter the region you marked as safe. This could be your home area including that of your trusted neighbors or friends. Any attempt to walk out of this area means that you will get a notification on your gadget. It is a great feature to keep kids around your home and train them to move responsibly.

Detecting Harmful Content.

Everybody is on social media including your children. Social apps are great because they help people to share valuable content in form of text messages, audio files, videos, and photos. If your kids share harmful files (photos and videos) or receive them as messages on social accounts, you’ll be notified. This is when you are supposed to block that app so that your kid doesn’t delete those messages.

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The Price of FamiSafe.

On downloading this app, you will use it free for three days to allow you to learn how it works. If you don’t like it, you won’t be required to pay anything. However, those who wish to continue using it will choose a payment plan to take. To subscribe for a month, you will pay $9.99. There is also a quarterly subscription which costs $19.99. Finally, the Annual subscription plan costs $59.99. The annual plan is the most economic because it only costs $5 per month.

Where to Download FamiSafe.

FamiSafe is different from most parental control apps available for download. First, Wondershare doesn’t charge users to download this app from any of the platforms where it’s available. Again, this GPS tracker app is available for multiple users. Both iOS and Android smartphone users can download the app and walk with their kids’ live location in their pockets. If you are using an Android phone, you can download this app from Google Play. iPhone and iPad users will get the FamiSafe parental control on App Store. Parents can also download it from Amazon Store.


Parental control and specifically location tracking is vital among parents. It is good to be concerned about your kid’s whereabouts. It is also good to find out the type of content they receive and access on the internet. Any form of harmful content will see your kids’ morals deteriorating even as they grow.

There is only one sure way out of parental control agonies; downloading the FamiSafe parental control app and installing it on both phones. This way, you will go to work stress-free knowing that you will check your kids’ location anytime throughout the day.

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This app is affordable than any other available parental control app or software. We believe that you will love to use it over and over and share your experience with friends.

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