What is Ovulation and how does it affect you?

Puberty is a time that comes in the life of every woman. It varies from person to person and several other important factors like diet and location contribute to it. The release of the first egg from the ovaries is known as ovulation and yes it’s the time when your teens start. If this released egg is fertilized it leads to pregnancy. To be honest it is a very rough patch in every woman’s life as hormone rush is happening inside her body. It’s the time when your juvenile period starts. It’s not easy for some and is very kind to the rest. Becoming an adult is never easy as it’s always been said.

This whole cycle is collectively known as the menstrual cycle. There are several different phases inside this menstrual cycle. Do they tell women that she is pregnant or not? You don’t need to feel shy as this is a natural mechanism and happens with every healthy woman. Sometimes being part of a very hectic lifestyle, usually, women are unable to calculate their due date. But you don’t need to worry as there are a lot of due date calculators available which will require a very small amount of data and will generate your results. The results obtained from them are not 100% true but they are true if you enter your correct dates.

Everyone can predict their menstrual period right beforehand and 90% of them are correct. From the day your period ends the uterus lining gets thick and it sheds on your due date. This is scientifically known as ovulation or menstruation. Parents need to handle this time with great care and guidance. As women do get cranky at this time. By sitting in a quiet place and discussing this thing beforehand helps 80% of their anxiety attacks. If a person knows what’s coming it’s really easy to cope with it.

What is the pregnancy Cycle? 

This cycle comprises 28 days in total and can be a maximum to 31 days. Anything less or more is not normal. It means you need to visit your doctor immediately. Premenstrual symptoms are very common which tells you about your date beforehand. First is the white mucus release and secondly the body’s core temperature increases by 0.5 degrees which is the clear sign that your menstrual cycle is about to start. Breast tenderness along with mood swings are the early onset symptoms of it. One can also feel cramps in her lower abdomen. Premenstrual syndrome PMS is very common where women become too emotional and can’t control their feelings. Let’s take a look at these probability options :

  • 5 Days Before Ovulation: 0.4 – 7 % Chances
  • 4 Days Before Ovulation: 8 – 17 % Chances
  • 3 Days Before Ovulation: 8 – 23 % Chances
  • 2 Days Before Ovulation: 13 – 29 % Chances
  • 1 Day Before Ovulation: 21 – 34 % Chances
  • Ovulation Day: 8 – 33 % Chances
  • 1 Day Past Ovulation: 0.8 – 11 % Chances
  • 2 Days Past Ovulation: 3 – 9 % Chances
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Again, these estimates are not 100% correct and can give you a fair estimate. Using technology is a plus if it is available for free but visiting a doctor is also very important in order to get fully satisfied.

Online calculators are usually free of cost to use and very informative but one should not rely on online calculators so much. Instead, the better option is to seek what the doctor is saying. Once you start to show the signs and you are not sure about the signs, consult your doctor immediately for medical assistance.

These women’s issues are perhaps complex and critical knowing the consequences if signs are not read properly. In most scenarios, a doctor would recommend you to use some custom calculator or online calculator to keep track of your situation.

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