What is Keyword Stuffing and How to Avoid It?

When it comes to including keywords in your content, you need to ensure that you are doing it properly with proper density. More Than 0.5-2.5 % of keyword density is not at all safe for your content, as more than this density, your content is going to get affected with the keyword stuffing. Though there is not any exact answer for preventing Google’s penalty, it is crucial to keep your keywords controlled in terms of density so that you do not end up facing SEO problems.

What is Keyword stuffing? 

Keyword stuffing is mentioned to the condition when a brand stuffs a webpage with the same targeted term to rank higher for the term in the search engine. Some of the brands use stuffing of keywords to boost their search visibility. Unnecessary repetition of words, the addition of out-of-context words, using irrelevant keywords to the topic of the page, or inserting blocks of the same keywords are usually known as keyword stuffing. 

How Do you avoid keyword stuffing? 

While keyword stuffing can make your content rank problematically on Google’s SERP, it needs to have a proper strategy to avoid such kinds of issues.  Here is how do you effectively avoid any kind of keyword stuffing for your content: 

  • Try to use long-tail keywords: 

Using long-tail keywords is simply going to be very much effective to keep your SEO on the right track. Find out keywords that come with the long-tailed words which can benefit you by targeting more traffic. In case you are consistently publishing in-depth content with long-tail keywords, then you can easily see an increase in the search traffic. Also, it is much beneficial for attracting more paying customers to grow your brand. Try out many variations for a long keyword to make it have better search results. 

  • Do not repeat the same keyword: 
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As a content creator, it is going to be much important for you to create more engaging content. It is very useful for resonating your content with your readers. However, repeating a single keyword throughout your whole content is simply going to have a negative impact on SEO. It is important to make the reading process smooth while including synonyms and related phrases to avoid keyword stuffing with a single keyword in your text. It serves more flow to your content and gives the search engine more relevance to rank the content. 

  • Use LSI Keywords: 

LSI keywords perform as the related keywords for the topic for your target subject. It is better to use the LSI keywords naturally to give more value to your content. Trying to include those keywords is going to help you in signaling Google and search engines about what you are writing is either relevant for the topic or not. Hence the LSI keywords work to add more value to your content so that it comes out as a very useful one in the search results. 

  • Assign a primary keyword for each of your pages: 

If you are thinking of starting with SEO for your webpage, then at first, you need to choose a target keyword for each of the pages. The primary phrase needs to be relevant enough with the topic and closely related to the content. The term also needs to be very popular. Using low competition keywords for improving your chances for better ranking on the search engine is going to help you effectively to combat keyword stuffing.  As you use a target keyword on one webpage, there is no need to assign it as a primary term for other pages which are available on your site. Each of the pages on your site needs to be assigned unique terms for a better rank. It is going to help your pages and content stay away from competing with one another. 

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Since keyword stuffing can effectively affect your content, it is better to stay strategic enough while you apply keywords to your content. Applying keywords in an above-mentioned way is going to drive more boost to your SEO which is going to improve your visibility.

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