What is ANT Radio Service? Advantages & Disadvantages

Wondering, what is Ant Radio Service? and what should you know about it? Well, the ANT is wireless connectivity just like Bluetooth. However, the Ant mainly used in Sports devices such as fitness tracking wearables. But the Ant Radio Service a fabrication installed by the manufacturer company of your phone.

Mainly, this service won’t be enabled on its own. When you connect your phone to another device such as Fitness trackers in this case the service plays a role. In simple words, the service won’t come into the auction until there is no app running on your phone.

ANT Radio Services

What is Ant Radio Service?

ANT is wireless connectivity or protocol which predominantly used for fitness and sports devices for connecting to other devices. It comes as pre-installed on the mobile phones running on Android OS. Technically this, service allows you to connect to ANT+ Devices to apps on your mobile phone.

What ANT Radio Service Do?

The ANT performs lots of tasks on your phone. Such as it enables apps to utilize their service to connect. Its enables you to send and received Heart Rates from fitness tracker to your phone. Fitness Equipment can be connected to ANT+ equipped fitness equipment including bicycle training to successful training and workout apps.


  • Record the live Bike Speed, Distance or Cadence data
  • Track live Heart Rates using Fitness Trackers
  • Record bike power using ANT+ cycling power meters similar to Garmin Vector.
  • Any other relevant point to consider

You Can Use the ANT Radio Service App

In case if you wanted deep information of this service on your download and install ANT Radio Service App from google play store. The app helps you to know which app on your phone is using ANT Radio Service, Connect the ANT+ devices directly using this app, and many more features.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

These are some common questions asked by android users about the ANT Radio Service.

Did ANT Radio Service is Spyware?

This is a standard software provided by the mobile manufacturer company on your phone. It is not illegally downloaded service, and it is not spyware. The service doesn’t cause any malfunction such as pop-up ads, it is not bloatware and aromatically uses 20MB of storage space into the phone memory.

How Can I Remove ANT Radio Service From My Phone?

You cannot able to remove or disable the ANT Radio Service from your phone. Because is a pre-installed standard service provided by the manufacturer.

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