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What Is a Two-Drawer Filing Cabinet Used For (And Why Is It Expensive)?

Perhaps you’ve seen it in your workplace. Maybe you have seen it in the faculty room or office in your school or university. You may have even seen it in a shop, business, or government office. These large, metal and enclosed compartments called filing cabinets (or side filers in the United Kingdom) are a staple of our offices where we work and establishments where we conduct our business with. Because they are ubiquitous, they are some of the most easily recognized pieces of non-home furniture all over. 

Filing cabinets have been used for a long time, and they are still being used to this day. Many forms of filing cabinets exist on the market, each with its looks and features. One of the most popular types of this office furniture is the two-drawer filing cabinet, and they are used in various office settings. Get to know more about the two-drawer filing cabinets, what they are used for, and why they are declining in use. 

Purposes of a Two-Drawer Filing Cabinet

As the Wikipedia article about filing cabinets would tell you, the 2 drawer file cabinet as well as filing cabinets in general are used to store files and paper documents in file folders. While filing cabinets are certainly made to keep and organize paper documents, this may seem a task so simple that other items in the office or even the home could be used to perform this function as well. But why do people still prefer using two-drawer filing cabinets as well as other types of filing cabinets for storing paper documents to other furniture, such as an ordinary cabinet? This is because of the features that filing cabinets have over other furniture.

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Compared to other types of home furniture, many filing cabinets are made of steel although other materials such as wood are used to make them. Thus, it would be hard or almost impossible for someone to destroy a filing cabinet by hitting it. Aside from physical force, filing cabinets of all shapes and sizes are also used to protect paper documents from other elements and possible hazards, such as water, fire, and electricity. Many two-drawer filing cabinets also help with sorting documents through folders, which are used to separate a document or groups of files from one another. This makes it easier to search for documents when you need them later. Finally, some two-drawer filing cabinets also contain wheels which makes moving piles of documents from one area to another much easier. 

The Decline of the Two-Drawer Filing Cabinet

Filing cabinets of all types are important because they keep paper documents organized, classified, and secure. Without them, paper documents would just be spread all over the place and they would be exposed to various hazards, both natural and manmade. But recently, there has been a decline in the use of this familiar office furniture. If two-drawer filing cabinets (or any filing cabinet in that matter) are that important, then why are we seeing less and less of them? This has something to do with technology and its increasing importance in the workplace. 

In the past, every workplace has to contend with lots and lots of paperwork. This is the reason why two-drawer filing cabinets have become so popular. Without them, workplaces back then would have difficulties keeping themselves clean and organized. But this is until recent developments technology allowed the computer to fit in a desk and be used for work purposes. With computers becoming more compact and powerful than ever before, it is now possible to store documents on these devices without having them printed and stored in filing cabinets. As more and more workplaces become paperless in their day-to-day operations, demand for office furniture that helps with storing paper files and documents in the long-term (including two-drawer filing cabinets) has gradually decreased. Despite this, many workplaces still keep a filing cabinet with them, just in case storing documents on computer databases does not work properly as expected. 

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What Makes Two-Drawer Filing Cabinets so Expensive?

Filing cabinets, whether they are two-drawer filing cabinets or not, are useful but they are steadily in decline thanks to technology. However, know that two-drawer vertical filing cabinets could cost around 20 to 60 USD while two-drawer lateral filing cabinets could go between 150 and 600 USD. Fire and waterproof models of these materials are even more expensive, some going as high as 1,500 USD. So why are two-drawer filing cabinets (or most filing cabinets in general) so expensive? 

To answer this question, there are many factors to consider when talking about the price of this useful office furniture, such as the material used, the brand of the filing cabinet that you purchased, where you purchased it, and more. Fire and waterproof versions of two-drawer filing cabinets are more expensive because they are made with better materials. But know that even the most standard two-drawer filing cabinets are expensive because they are built to last. As previously mentioned, many two-drawer filing cabinets are made of steel and other durable materials such as wood, making them difficult to break. These items are created to withstand the weight and the wear and tear of being used almost every day at the office. Nevertheless, know that while two-drawer filing cabinets are expensive, you could still find ways to purchase them at more affordable prices. You just have to look at the proper place.

Two-drawer filing cabinets are as useful yet paradoxical as office furniture. They are very functional and practical, yet they are declining in the places where they were used a lot before. They look simple in appearance and function, yet they are some of the most expensive pieces of furniture you could ever find. But whatever you want to say about them, two-drawer filing cabinets fulfill their purpose dutifully and properly, and this is perhaps the reason why they have been a staple in almost every workplace around the world for the past few years or even decades. And with the uncertainty that lies with technology as well as the limitations it currently faces in securing and storing important files and documents, we would most likely continue to see two-drawer filing documents for the years to come. 

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