What are the best online casino games?

Online casino games have only been around for three decades at the very most, however they are already ludicrously popular, especially when compared to the world of land-based casino games. Seriously, well over 75% of all casino gamblers now play online, a pretty concrete example of how great online casinos are.

Another fantastic thing about online casinos is the ridiculous amount of choice when it comes to actually choose mobile casino games to play. Keep reading for a round-up of what the best online casino games in the world are. 

Online casino: A quick history 

Before we get into concrete examples of the best casino games we thought we would take a moment to just briefly outline the history of online casinos, as it really is fascinating to see how quickly the industry has grown over the last few decades. The story starts back in the 90s, when rudimentary online versions of things like poker and blackjack started becoming available. 

Unfortunately, the Internet itself was still quite a young entity back then, and people had to wait until the early 2000s for it to become advanced enough to host things like online slots. As soon as this happened, however, the popularity of online gambling games started to skyrocket, and the industry hasn’t looked back since!

A pick of the best online casino games 

So, that was a very quick history of online casinos for you to gloss over, now it’s time for the fun stuff! Have you ever wondered what the best online casino games are nowadays? There are a lot of different choices, however, it isn’t too difficult to spot the best games to play. Take a look at our pick of the best online casino games below: 

  • Live roulette: Over the last decade or so the new world of live casino games has been sweeping across the online casino sphere, wowing gamblers with its closeness to traditional brick and mortar casino game gambling. With live roulette, for example, gamblers can play on a real-life roulette wheel that is video streamed directly to their computer. No wonder live casino is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the industry!
  •  Online slots: You simply cannot talk about the best online casino games in the world without mentioning online slots. In fact, for the last two decades, online slots have been right at the top of the online casino industry, carrying it forwards in a way that no other online casino game has been able to. There is so much choice in the online slots world nowadays, and with developers like Big Time Gaming consistently inventing new game mechanics and bonus features, it seems as though online slots are going to get a lot better in the future.
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Top tips to win big at online casino games 

Want to know how to win big at online casino games as much as you can? Take a look through some of the tips below: 

  • Make full use of online casino welcome offers.
  • Play high RTP slots where possible.
  • Check out a few popular betting systems for a bit more structural rigidity to your betting.

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