Vlogging: How It Can Help Your Business

Isn’t vlogging a weird sounding word? And, for those of you who are reading or listening for the first time, you might be curious what this Vlog is all about. A video blog is referred to as a vLog in colloquial terms.

To put it another way, vlogging is the act of regularly creating and posting video content on a personal website or a channel on a social media network. Vlogging is becoming more common with each passing day because it is a cost-effective strategy for increasing exposure and online interaction with customers.

Vlogging’s Growing Influence

Vlogging – a contraction of “video blogging” – has slowly made its way into the mainstream in recent years as video has become an increasingly dominant online power. Indeed, according to Cisco’s report, video will account for a whopping 82 percent of all Internet traffic by 2021, up from 73 percent in 2016.


Vlogs are now responsible for a growing portion of this traffic. According to surveys, 44 percent of global Internet users now watch vlogs on a monthly basis. Furthermore, vlogs are extremely common among younger audiences. As a result, many B2C businesses, especially those that demonstrate how to use goods for sale, are seeing increased traffic. Many cosmetics and fashion companies, for example, make extensive use of vlogging.


Clearly, vlogging is a rapidly growing and internationally popular movement with a long way to go!! In essence, both vlogs and blogs have the same goal: to educate, inform, entertain, and, most importantly, market a company’s goods and services.


Blogs also have the benefit of providing link-rich, keyword-rich content for a brand’s website, which aids search engine discoverability. Despite the fact that blogs are much more popular and that marketers make extensive use of them, when it comes to the type of content that Internet users seek or connect with, video comes out on top!!

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Furthermore, vlogs “go viral” even more quickly than blogs. This isn’t to say that vlogs are only useful in B2C situations. Business leaders are increasingly turning to video content to make business decisions, which is why video is so relevant in the B2B world. In light of this, B2B businesses have begun experimenting with converting some of their blog content into vlogs to see if they can generate further engagement. You need to use a phone stand for recording high quality vlogs


“Use Vlogs to turn a potentially dull subject into something even more entertaining and exciting.”

How Does Vlogging Aid Your Business?

Adds A Personal Touch – The fundamental advantage of vlogging for small companies, start-ups, and others who make money off a passion is that it gives your company a human face. This implies that you can have a more customised experience to a consumer. It gives them the impression that they are buying from an individual rather than a website.

Showcase Your Expertise – Vlogs are a great way to develop yourself as a subject matter expert. Demonstrate to your listeners that you understand what you’re talking about. By providing useful information, you will win their confidence. Tell them all about your company and goods. They’ll be more interested in doing business with you.

Reach a Larger, More Targeted Audience – YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine. People are gradually turning to YouTube and other video sites to find information and goods. Why not make your vlogs accessible on these platforms so that a broader audience can see them? It also boosts your overall online visibility.

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Unrestricted Sharing – Social media platforms make it simple for others to share your images. Your vlog will be able to reach a much wider audience as a result of this sharing. The more fun and useful your vlogs are, the more likely they will be shared. If you take the time to create engaging content, your vlog could go viral.

It’s Easy – You don’t need to employ a video expert to do Vlogging!! It doesn’t have to be a huge show!! Video blogs place a greater emphasis on content rather than production sophistication. Pick up a camera and start shooting if you have anything worthwhile to say. To get started, all you really need is a camera with video capabilities and a computer.


The Correct Way to Vlog for Your Company

A strong vlog necessitates both time and effort. The success of your vlog and the advantages of using video content are solely dependent on the efforts made by the content marketing company.


Decide What To Vlog About – Before you start, think about what your vlog will be about. Many companies use vlogs to connect with their customers in the form of FAQs and tutorials. But don’t be afraid to let the imagination run wild. A vlog can be whatever you want it to be, so be creative and make one that is both educational and entertaining.

Determine Who Your Vlogger Is – Vlogs are a fantastic way to communicate with your target audience on a personal level. Since your vlogger is a representative of your brand, it’s important to think carefully about who you want to represent it. Some vlogs are made by small business owners, while others are made by professionals.

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Embed the videos on your website – Despite the many benefits of YouTube, you have little control over the environment. It’s impossible to predict how YouTube will exploit your content. To monitor the atmosphere, it is recommended that you embed the videos on your website. Popups may be added to your website to maximize the number of email subscribers.

Vlog Consistently – Similar to blogging, vlogging will improve your chances of success, but the key is to be consistent. Vlogs aren’t going to be a hit right away. The best vlogs have hundreds of video entries in their repository. In reality, you could not see a significant increase in subscribers, traffic, or interaction for months.

Promote Your Vlog – To drive views and shares of your vlogs, you’ll need to build a marketing plan for your blog. Paid advertising, the use of email lists, and a variety of other digital marketing campaigns are also part of this strategy. Instead of only promoting, build genuine relationships with your guests and share your vlog when the time is right.


Vlogging Final Thoughts

It is recommended that you include vlogs in your digital marketing strategy as a business owner. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to start vlogging. You can also try vlogging without taking too many chances. You’ll need a company that specialises in both digital and content marketing services to take your business to the next level. Our seasoned and professional workforce at Source Soft Solutions adds rich value content to your videos, resulting in an increase in the number of users searching for content that is more engaging than traditional blog papers.

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