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If you are a professional web designer, there are a number of other(somewhat related) services that you could offer to your clients, regardless of the fact that you’re a freelancer, working at a firm or running your own agency. This will help you to increase the average generated revenue from a client which means you will be able to earn more money working with fewer clients. Furthermore, it will also help you to land a rank among the best professionals who offer web design services in New York

Although, offering additional services come with it’s drawbacks. Such as you’ll have less time on your hands to complete particular projects as you’re the one handling most of the work or you need to sharpen your management skills in order to provide top-notch service to your clients. Don’t branch out and offer every possible service, rather narrow down your list and focus on skills that you feel confident about.

Let’s have a look on different related services that you could offer as a web designer:

Website Maintenance

Every website you design will need some maintenance at some point. Even if you design an interface friendly website, using a Content Management System like WordPress that allows the client to manage the content easily, the website will still require some maintenance after a certain time. This maintenance could involve minor design changes, layout modifications, new sections or inserting internal links that a client cannot perform on their own.

There are different approaches that you could charge for this service. You can charge an hourly rate and get paid as soon as the maintenance session is done. Or, you could offer a package that includes client defined modifications in the website and charge a monthly retainer.

WordPress Support

WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Managing System). According to statistics, WordPress powers more than 34% of the Internet and that number is still rising incredibly. Despite the fact that WordPress is free and ideal for business sites, the users have to face some issues which require expertise. The biggest drawback of a free CMS is that finding support and answers to your queries can be challenging and time consuming. There does exist a free support forum but finding a satisfactory answer to your exact question is still on stake.

Many clients would pay rather than spending hours finding their answers on the forum. You could offer WordPress support to those clients and specifically focus on this CMS as you’re already an expert to design a website in a CMS. This support could be billed hourly or could be a part of your premium package.

Logo Designing 

Every business needs a logo and there’s no denying that fact. If a client has asked you to create a new site for a startup, there is a huge probability that he’s also looking for a logo designer. Or If you’re redesigning a website for a client, he might be pondering over to change the outlook of his site with a new theme and logo.

Logo designing is very lucrative and consumes little to no time at all. You could offer this service separately for a redesigning site, or stack a new site with logo designing and charge accordingly.

Graphic Designing

While logo designing is a mere aspect of graphic designing which does not take up hours from your clock, there are plenty of other things that you could design for your clients. This service might consume time but it’s rather a simple and well-heeled job.

You can offer to design business cards, labels, brochures, marketing slides etc. Create a complete package that includes designing all of this material for a website and ask your clients if they’re interested in getting all services under one roof.

Social Media Management

All businesses use social media in some capacity. But none is aware of the actual potential of social media. Your clients won’t have enough time or expertise to manage their social media accounts according to their business affiliation and advertisement, and that’s where you kick in.

You could offer to manage their social media profiles so they don’t have to worry about global advertising of their business. You could charge this service according to the number of posts per day.

Lastly, you can also polish up your skills as an SEO expert. Although a large-scale company would rely on a professional SEO agency in New York, but you could appeal to small and mid-size firms by adding SEO to your offerings.

Most  of these services are already a part of your skillset so there’s much more to offer than just web designing. Offering these services will not only increase your active income, it will also build an extensive client base for you and ultimately increase your profit potential.

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