VALORANT: 3 Tips & Tricks We Wish We Knew Before Playing

Valorant is a top-rated free-to-play first-person shooting game. You can play this game in real-time against real players and beat them. However, you will need to do a lot of practice while playing this game as it is a challenging game. 

You can also use a valorant aimbot cheat to trounce your enemies. This article will discuss some of the essential tips and tricks of valorant that will give you an edge over other players while playing. 

Essential Valorant Tips And Tricks

Valorant is a widely popular game as it blends the uniqueness of agents with different abilities and a shooting game. The tips and tricks mentioned below mainly cater to players new to this game. 

Choose your agent carefully.

Valorant is a game that gives you the option to roleplay as different agents while also in a battle royale format. These agents in the game have unique sets of abilities; you should select an agent based on their abilities and your control over them. 

Players need to try these agents out and then select the one they feel suits their best abilities. For instance, if you have an attacking style of play and are aggressive, you should go for a duelist as a player. 

On the other hand, if you have a more tactical approach to gameplay, you should go for either a controller or sentinel type of agent. Choosing between these two types of agents will lead you to follow a defensive or supporting role. 

Learn the game controls

This is one of the most critical steps of improving your gameplay as well as it is also one of the most straightforward steps to do so. Players find the perfect combination of agents and the guns they are comfortable with. 

Learn when to engage in a fight

While playing Valorant, you must also gauge when is the right time to engage in a fight and when you lay back and wait for the enemy to attack your team so that you can counter-attack. It is the best strategy to constantly engage in a fight from behind the covers as a beginner. 

You can hit your enemies behind a cover while dodging their gunfire. It is also an effective strategy to catch your enemies off guard by following a more patient and strategic approach. You can quickly eliminate the opposition players while sustaining minimal damage. 

Play Valorant with your friends

For best results and better coordination, you must play this game with your friends or family members in comparison to playing it with other random members. You will have better communication and understanding with your friends, providing you with an ideal stage for developing tactical and strategic plans. Valorant remains a game that works best with the highest of FPS. That, of course, requires you to build your own PC. For that, the best option always remains the MVP. The company is known for its professional and reasonably priced builds that’ll help you get the best performance in Valo!

Improve your Aim

If you want to win individual duels and help your team win, you must improve your aim. Try to hit the weak spots on your enemy to deal them more significant damage. The head, arms, and legs are all weak spots on the characters, so hitting them will deal them more significant damage. 

Improve your crosshair placement

It is always best to keep the crosshair at the center of your screen or keep it slightly above the center while aiming. Moving the crosshair wastes a lot of necessary time that you can use to your advantage and hurt the opponents.

Ideally, you want to place your crosshair at the height of the opponent’s head so that whenever you fire, you hit the opponent on the head as it deals more significant damage. Crosshair placement surely helps a player to improve their KD ratio. KD ratio is the ratio of the number of enemies you kill to the number of times you die. 

Don’t rush

Valorant is a game about patience as well, along with other skills. You cannot sprint across the map, killing and hitting your enemies without planning. Often, you will be required to sit still and wait for your enemies to approach you. 


Valorant is an intense game that will test your skills to the limit to compete with the best of the best players. You will need extra insight and knowledge to gain a competitive advantage over the other players. 

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