Types of Whiteboard Calendars You May Choose for a Home Office

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While operating remotely, you require tools that enhance your productivity. A whiteboard calendar is one such useful aid that helps you keep up with your busy professional life. Jotting down deadlines and schedules on this calendar ensures you do not have to rely on memory alone.

When fully leveraged, whiteboard calendars allow multiple people to track different projects simultaneously. This tool enables you to manage your working day proactively, and avoid conflicting schedules and time constraints.

Whiteboard Calendars Ideal for Home Office Set-Ups

With the right calendar, organizing your work life becomes easily achievable. To ensure your professional commitments stay on track, take your pick from the suggested whiteboard calendar types suitable for your home office set-up:

Large Board on Wheels

A large, durable whiteboard with heavy-duty wheels and a height-adjustment provision allows you to record, organize, and capture all the data you need. Since it is a rolling board, you can move it around at your convenience.

The large surface area of the whiteboard, with dimensions of 48 by 36 inches, ensures you do not run out of space. Another valuable feature is that you can rotate the board 360 degrees should you prefer not to reveal your confidential notes while on a video call.

Because of its reliable durability and flexibility, this home office whiteboard costs more. For organizational optimization, the product comes equipped with organization provisions, markers, and other calendar accessories.

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Wall-Mounted Magnetic Whiteboard

Its modern d├ęcor, white wood finish, and elegant design make this wall-mounted magnetic whiteboard ideal for all homes. The monthly view and well-structured calendar ensure you manage your schedule perfectly. There is ample space provided to incorporate comments, magnets, or post-its.

This whiteboard is available in varying sizes, so you can opt for one compatible with your space. Thanks to its universal mounting system, you can either hang it on your wall or just lean it up against it. Although it is light in weight, the board is highly durable and easy to clean.

Mounted Magnetic Monthly Calendar

When you desire a calendar that effortlessly blends with your other artifacts, this whiteboard with its sleek gold frame is perfect. You can mount the board with ease because of its universal mounting system.

Its surface is stain-resistant and includes a branded marker designed for easy cleaning. There is ample space for additional notes and other items you can attach using magnets on the right side.

Magnetic Whiteboard with Glass

Equipped with a stain-resistant anti-scratch glass surface, this contemporary whiteboard is easy to clean. This durable product comes with magnets, mounting hardware, a detachable tray, and a mobile stand in case you choose not to mount it. Store your erasers and markers within sight on the side tray for the sake of convenience.

Eco-Friendly Magnetic Board

This magnetic whiteboard showcases a 3-in-1 design comprising a notes section, to-do list, and monthly calendar. It has a scratch-resistant and easy-to-clean surface. The most impressive part is that its frame is made from recycled Styrofoam. For sure, this calendar will effortlessly blend with your home office environment.

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