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Top Trends of Kitchen Countertops

Sometimes you feel that your kitchen looks a little old-fashioned. It could be due to the walls’ colors, the type of wood used to build the cabinets, or the countertops. If you’re going to change things up in your kitchen, renewing the kitchen countertops is a lot cheaper than remodeling all things. Updating your countertops and old sink with a 30-inch under-mount kitchen sink can add a new life to any kitchen. Of course, before replacing your countertops, you want to learn about the latest countertop trends in 2021 and try Neo Kitchen.

Here are the main trends for kitchen counters:

  1. Colors of kitchen countertops 
  2. Waterfall Island
  3. Real surface
  4. Wood counters
  5. Bold texture patterns
  6. Sharp and polished countertop
  7. Soft and neutral tones
  8. Durable material

Colors of kitchen countertops:

The idea of ​​a kitchen where everything matches is a form of the past. The latest trends see cabinets and counters in contrasting colors that create a kitchen 30-inch under-mount kitchen sink of breathtaking beauty. Imagine your kitchen with white cabinets and glossy black countertops and a blue kitchen island with polished white countertops. Your kitchen is no longer just a color but a landscape of colors and beauty. You can choose the colors, but you want them to contrast for a striking look.

Waterfall Islands:

Kitchen countertops on islands are becoming a trend in 2021. Ordered finishes on all four sides are a long run. They have been replaced by a waterfall on one side, where the countertop flows from the top of the island down to the ground for a stunning look. You want the waterfall side to be on the same side you used to store the spaces beneath, so you don’t lose functionality on the other side. The side of the waterfall should be the same color and material as the rest of the countertop. You can achieve this look with almost any material, making it easier to complete the look. When guests arrive at your home, this will be one of the first design features they will notice.

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Real surface:

Properly installed, real countertops provide a beautiful polished look that rivals quartz and marble in beauty. The choice of concrete has many advantages. It comes in a variety of colors, patterns, and strategies. You can find concrete with a cloud-like patina and stains in contrasting colors.

You can find a color and a pattern to complement your current color scheme. Unlike other materials, concrete does not need to be sealed and resealed from time to time to prevent it from cracking, staining, or cracking over time. It is also effortless to clean and have a new look.

Wood counters:

Natural wood colors are making a comeback in kitchens, and this includes wood countertops. This material offers many benefits, including a lower price than other materials, such as quartz and marble. Wood countertops provide a naturally more hygienic option for the Custom kitchen cabinets

With wood countertops, if you accidentally cut it with a knife or have a dent on the surface, you can sand and cover it to make it look new. There are many color options with wood countertops. You can go with a butcher block or dark cherry wood.

Bold texture patterns:

Homeowners seek a little more style in their countertops and find them with bold grain patterns. Modern engineering makes it easier for manufacturers to achieve this look. In most cases, veins and practices look like natural attributes of the material.

As part of this trend, homeowners are looking for a more natural look. They’ve selected counter pieces that aren’t very shiny or finished to perfection, so they ignore the softer, leather finishes. Now you can get a quartz worktop with the veins and patterns of marble and granite. It makes quartz appear like a more natural material in your home.

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Sharp and polished countertop:

Textured surfaces have become popular in recent years. In 2021, this trend will spread to the branches. You can choose between glossy and glossy to give your countertops a new look. Most of the counters are still polished, but polishing is gaining ground.

A sharp counter will give you a matte finish but still get a finished look. You can apply a soft, nuanced look to most countertop materials, including granite, marble, and quartz, so you can use the high-end materials you want with a unique finish that gives your kitchen a new feel.

Soft and neutral tones:

In recent years, the bright colors of Art Deco and mid-century styles have been widespread, but this trend is ending. You will notice softer, more neutral colors on the countertops. You may notice more whites and taupe. People contrast these more soothing tones with bright spots of color. You might see a white countertop with a patterned backsplash above the stove.

Quartz is available in unique shades. You can find light browns that are on the beige scale and blues that look almost light greys. With the addition of natural sunlight, these countertops look great.

Durable material:

It seems that all homeowners are looking for eco-friendly products to reduce their carbon footprint. Choosing a durable material for the countertop is a good option and an upcoming trend in 2020. One popular, durable material is 75% recycled glass and white concrete.

This counter has distinct patterns and characters to distinguish your kitchen from your neighbor’s. With the material made from recycled glass, a rainbow of colors is available, from neutral beauties to stunning jewel tones. In addition, the material is durable and easy to maintain.

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The kitchen countertops are an important part of the kitchen. The counter has always been an essential part of kitchen decor. For now, the trend of 2021 will feature neutral-colored countertops with thin “delicate” slabs and elegant built-in sinks. We have moved from one style to another over the generations as homeowners seek out the perfect look for their main cooking space. Homeowners have an almost endless choice of materials, styles, sizes, and finishes.

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