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Top Career Fields if you want to Work From Anywhere

In the light of the coronavirus pandemic, we all seem to understand better what remote working is and how important it is. Many companies have learned how effective it is, and the workers see how flexible and enjoyable it is.

The claim that remote workers are usually more productive and generally happier than the daily office worker is not mere naysay. Also, remote workers make more average income than others that don’t work remotely. This is why you will rarely find a remote worker that wants to stop being a remote worker. It’s something that anyone will like to do.

So, if you want to start a career as a remote worker, all I can say is go ahead. It’s a good thing that almost all industries have remote workers. It doesn’t matter what your field is, or your interest lies, whether education, healthcare, marketing, administration, etc. You can always get a job as a remote worker. Even if all you have is basic computer skills as an entry-level worker or have advanced technical certifications as a more experienced professional, remote work is always possible. You will get more flexible working these roles as a remote worker than the on-site worker.

If you are unsure where to venture into, here are some top career fields for remote work that you should look into.

Cloud Computing Specialist:

Cloud computing is a hot field, and if you are an expert, companies are willing to pay out lucrative compensation. Especially during the pandemic when most businesses have shifted to a work from the home model, which means increased demand for cloud storage, there are many vacancies in this field. Gaining Cloud Computing Certifications is a sure-shot way to place your first step in this high-demand job field. It increases your credibility and showcases your expertise. In this tough time when people are losing their jobs, this is one field that can ensure job safety and good compensation to lead a comfortable lifestyle.

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Computer Programming

The work of computer programmers is to create software that developers designed. They can use programming languages such as C++, Java, SQL, etc., to test and write programs like best essay writing service and best dissertation service.

You could learn some of these programming languages with many online tools for free and get a job that pays decently. You don’t even need a college degree to do this. The fact that the work is mainly computer-based means that you can work from home as a programmer.


Technological advancement coupled with a high-speed internet connection means that teachers now have the opportunity to teach students from anywhere in the world.

Teaching online is becoming a lucrative business as the demand for online teachers has started to grow. These teachers’ income is usually based on the classes or levels you teach and the number of hours you spend.

Some of the remote working options you have as a teacher are writing coach, curriculum developer, online adjunct professor, etc.


The role of an outbound sales rep is a very flexible one that doesn’t require an office at all. This is why salespeople tend to work from anywhere that they like. The difference between a sales job and other remote work is that it requires some degree of traveling while other remote work is typically work-from-home. When you are not traveling, you can work from home. What’s important is to meet your goals as a salesperson.

There are many types of sales jobs that you can do online, and some common ones are account manager, sales associate, sales manager, etc.

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Graphic designer and web designer

If you are going to work as a graphic designer or web developer, you will need some degree of education. However, employers’ concerns would bother with what skill you have learned and what you have to offer. It would be best to create a strong portfolio for yourself, and it will give you a better chance to win over an employer.

Additionally, you can easily do these jobs from the comfort of your home. They are better done remotely, as a freelancer or a full-time remote worker. The good thing is, all businesses need a website, so you can’t be short of work. You only have to learn to market yourself to these businesses, whether small or large.

Freelance writer

As a freelance writer, there are several opportunities for you to make money from writing. It can be as a ghostwriter, content marketing, copywriting, article writing, etc. The opportunities abound if you will take your time to get a job.

The truth is, getting a writing gig is difficult because it is a very competitive market. However, once you’re in it and you get yourself the right resource, then you can make a living from writing from your home or any remote location that you choose.

Project Manager

Project management is a big deal for many industries. So the work of a project manager is not one to take lightly. They are responsible for overseeing large projects, delegating works to individuals and teams, and monitoring project timelines.

While many project managers are not used to working remotely, the COVID-19 pandemic has made it necessary. With the use of online communication tools, project managers can still oversee tasks and delegate works to team members.

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In the post-Covid world, we expect that there will be more openings for project managers to work remotely.

Product Manager

The responsibility of a product manager is to oversee a product and make sure it’s successful. They make sure that a product is sold and revenue is generated from it in the market. They typically try to improve a product.

The increase in online sales because of COVID means that many product managers have more work to do online. This opens up more opportunities for product managers to work from anywhere since the bulk of their work is on the internet say do my assignment.


Almost all industries have roles and jobs that can be done remotely. You need to find one that suits your interest, ability, and knowledge. There are too many of them to mention all, but this article discusses a few of the common remote works out there.

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