Top 5 Tips In Choosing A Right College For Game Designing

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The exciting, rewarding and multi-faceted specialized field, Game designing, employs creativity to conceive, ideate, and design games for the purpose of education or exercise or entertainment or experimentation. Game Designer comprehends client objectives, research and analysis market trends & technology, target audience, and their preferences. psychology & sociocultural environment etc. Basis this he creates compelling storylines, builds characters & giving them personality, develops plots, and rules, designs challenges, puzzles, and user interface, develops levels, designs sound effects and VFX etc. The objective is to create an immersive game experience so as to drive interactions and consumer engagements and hence revenues.

Top 5 Tips in choosing a right college for Game Designing

Study Game Design courses in India:

Game Design courses in India must be a combination of theoretical and practical training. It must mentor students in behavioural and play psychology, along with enabling in exploring the essentials of storytelling. Moreover, the college must encourage regular interaction with industry experts so that students keep abreast with the latest in the industry.

Cutting-edge technology:

You must choose a college that offers access to new technologies as we mentor students in the use of various technical tools like 3D & 2D graphics & simulation, AI ML, VR and AR along with modelling with brush and Autodesk 3dsMax Substance along with the utilisation of game engines like Unity and Unreal Engine etc. Graduating students will have an outstanding portfolio with skills that will be valuable in a crowded industry.

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Collaborative team approach:

These days employers value “soft” skills like the capability of working in a team. Therefore, students must choose a college that encourages students from a variety of disciplines to collaborate in classes so as to create games. Furthermore, the college must offer specialisation in allied courses such as Videogames, Intro to Design Thinking, Storytelling, and Intro to Interpersonal Communication. “This interdisciplinary work encourages understanding and acts as the fundamental building blocks of great teamwork.

Comprehensive Knowledge:

Aspirants must be well versed with the successful games of the past as well as present so as to be able to develop engaging games. They must have an understanding of the varied classification of games- entertainment games, games for health & educational games etc. They should be able to identify the aspects that work well, elements that need development and elements that can be incorporated so as to attract the maximum engagement.

Research and analysis:

The curriculum must equip students with techniques for research and analysis so that they gain insights about people, their preferences, behaviour in socio-cultural settings, misgivings, their psyche etc. This will enable students to devise strategies for successful gaming concepts.

The college must encourage proper exposure through internships, industry workshops, participation in competitions, and handling real live projects besides inspiring them to be present on Discussion boards, to showcase their work as well as their knowledge, thus building connections.

Participate in Game Jams:

College must inspire students to work together in groups and participate in a game jam, a gaming contest to create a game in a stipulated time frame basis a set theme. Game jams are a great way to network and learn and gain experience as well.

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