Top 5 Reasons You Should Recognize Employee Achievement

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The trend of recognizing employee achievement has never been more alive. In this modern-day and age, you should take steps to ensure that all your employees are getting recognized for their achievements. I would strongly recommend you invest in All Plaque Awards to reward your employees.

As you are reading this blog, chances are you own a business, but you are quite sure of the reasons as to why you should recognize your employee’s achievement.

If you have second thoughts about it, I would suggest you read this article to the end as through this article; I will be telling you the top 5 reasons why you should start recognizing employee achievement.

So without wasting any further time, let us delve right into it.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Recognize Employee Achievement

Below are the reasons you should recognize employee achievement; you will also know why employee recognition is getting so popular in 2021.

#1: Decreases Employee Turnover

A decrease in employee turnover is one of the major reasons why you should start recognizing employee achievement. Employee turnover can often be very irritating, and moreover, it is also an expensive process. This is the reason large companies are striving hard to ensure lower turnover rates. According to a report by Bersin & Associates, business organizations with effective employee recognition programs have lower turnover rates.

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Further, in recent research, it has been found that 21.5% of employees that have not felt recognized in the company in which they are working have interviewed for a job in the last three months.

#2: Increases Productivity

Recognizing employee achievement increases the productivity of the employees as well as the organizations. It is but natural for people to get recognized for the hard work they have put in and their achievements to stay motivated. According to a survey, nearly 69% of employees would want to work harder if they felt recognized for their efforts and appreciated.

In this modern-day and age, large business organizations have understood the importance of employee recognition schemes in productivity. Moreover, Aberdeen Group’s research on employee recognition found out that 61% of successful organizations admitted that employee recognition is important for driving individual performance.

#3: Increases The Engagement of The Employees

According to several kinds of research made on employee engagement, it was found that 58% of the HRs and leaders admitted that employee recognition programs could drive more employee engagement. This is one of the prime factors why you should recognize employee achievement.

When employees start trusting their manager and leader, a better work environment is created, which in turn drives more engagement in the workplace. Employee Recognition is one of the most crucial ways of building trust in the workplace.

#4: Improves Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction and employee satisfaction are intertwined. I am sure you are aware of the fact that employees who love doing their jobs take efforts to keep the customers happy. Hence, you should recognize your employee’s achievements since it directly impacts the satisfaction of the customers.

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The reports by Workhuman prove that 41% of the companies that implemented peer-to-peer recognition have seen an increase in customer satisfaction.

#5: Improves The Culture Of The Company

Last but not least, you should recognize your employee’s achievements because it improves the company’s culture. When you apply for proper employee recognition programs, all your employees are happy, and they all strive hard to contribute to the success of the company.

According to a report by Hero & Mercer, 85% of HRs admitted that employee recognition has a positive effect on the culture of the company.

Final Thoughts

There you have it; those were the Top 5 Reasons You Should Recognize Employee Achievement. I hope this article has given you some valuable insights on the five reasons why you should recognize employee achievement and that you have found it informative. If you have some further questions or comments in regards to this article, kindly comment them down below.

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