Tools to Make Your Employees More Productive

The success of an individual employee health services solution is directly related to their management, training, and work conditions. Happy employees are up to 20% more productive than unhappy employees. If you are experiencing productivity issues within your company, try viewing your company from an employee’s perspective. Does your company provide access to wellness resources, like healthcare benefits? Would you describe your office culture as positive? Most importantly, could you live happily with the wages you pay your lowest-earning employee? Above all else, people work to earn enough money to live comfortably.

Incentivizing Good Employee Practices

In many positions, no amount of team-building exercises or incentives like employee luncheons can make up for wage disparities. The money spent on the occasional employee lunch or function could often be better used for payment. If the wages and benefits do not match the expected output of labor, employees will not be happy to come to work each day. When employees cannot take care of themselves, for instance, by paying for a fitness workout subscription or visiting a doctor regularly, it affects their overall quality of life. The burden of not having enough money can strain personal relationships and affect a person’s mental and physical health. An investment into your employees’ wellness and healthy lifestyle is an investment into your company’s wellness. When you support your employees, they will be motivated to support your organization in return.

Employee Coaching and Training

Frequently, poor performance in a role or across a company can be attributed to less-than-satisfactory training processes. Especially in small businesses, it can be challenging to allot other employees’ time to training a new hire because they have their own tasks to accomplish. Suppose employees do not feel comfortable or familiar with work processes or concepts. In that case, they will be less likely to take the initiative and collaborate with other team members. Consider implementing a work coaching program.

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Seminars and courses tend to be less effective than coaching and mentoring because of the hands-off approach many of these services take. Oftentimes, an employee webinar consists of just a few videos to watch with a short quiz at the end. These practices are not engaging and may not even be tailored to fit your particular company or even specific role. By utilizing a coaching program like iConnect, you can ensure your employees will actively give and receive constructive feedback and encouragement. A good coach facilitates skill development rather than task management.

Employee Wellness

People dedicate a large part of their lives to their careers. If they are unable to take care of themselves physically and mentally outside of work, the effects will show at work too. Employee wellness programs like Wellable are excellent opportunities to incentivize physical fitness and workplace appreciation within an organization. Tools like an office fitness challenge app can promote healthy physical exercise and encourage employee bonding.

Many companies employ a team of office workers. These employees spend a lot of time sitting or stationary throughout work hours. Wellness challenges are perfect opportunities to facilitate healthy breaks from sitting in front of the computer. Taking breaks throughout to the day to move around and get your blood circulating can reduce fatigue. By giving your brain some downtime to focus on a new challenge in between work tasks, you can avoid losing focus and, therefore, reduce mistakes.

Enhancing employee performance across your organization does not have to be a challenge. Utilize employee wellness programs and coaching sessions or mentoring services. These tools can help ensure you are providing your employees with the resources they need to succeed. When each employee in your company feels secure in their finances and confident about their knowledge to do their role, your company will be successful. Promoting healthy practices and togetherness in your company is a great way to improve communication and productivity.

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