To Smoke Or Quit Smoke… That Is The Question

Any non-smoker would think that all smokers would want to quit, but you know it’s not that simple.

Smoke… Quit… Worry about health problems… Enjoying cigarettes… Caring what others thing… not caring what others think… Caring about myself… hiding my head in the sand.

The difficulty many smokers experience is an inner conflict. It’s as if you want to turn right and left at the same time, and each direction feels right and wrong at the same time.

When left to our own devices we will either remain stuck and frustrated or hopefully, we shift in the direction which is best for us. This happens gradually or sometimes when we get a shock, such as a scary health report or diagnosis.

Therapeutically this process can happen very quickly because we separate the internal conflict. Your problem is that these conflicting desires are bound up together like the fibers of a rope, it’s like we unravel the rope and lay the fibers flat and divide them into opposing groups.

Then we remove the unwanted fibers from our subconscious, leaving you with just one train of thought. That is to remain a non-smoker. It’s only natural that some thoughts of smoking may creep back in, but each day we strengthen the no smoking part of us which will protect and deflect those unwanted thoughts.

Of course, as normal human beings, we can nave several or even many such internal conflicts, in our work and life and relationships and other aspects of our health. So while we focus on quitting smoking it is important to build in strategies that will help to take some emotional and mental pressure off the other conflicts in your life.

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It’s unlikely that you can solve multiple issues in a quit smoking session, but it is often the case that when a person quits smoking they let go of some other conflicts and find themselves starting to exercise or eating better or returning to some favorite activity from the past, such as surfing or dancing, etc.

As they say, a rising tide lifts all boats, when you quit smoking your belief in yourself is boosted, and it’s as if a light has been turned on inside and perhaps you will feel you deserve to be even healthier and just start healthier activities which seemed pointless when you were smoking.

Wellness takes some degree of emotional horsepower and smoking robs you of physical and emotional energy. So your choice is to push and struggle your way through or to get the assistance you need.

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