Tips on How to Upholster You Bed

You have decided to Upholster you bed. You have chosen a lovely bed frame, bought the right duvet cover and pillows and are in the middle of the project. You have done all the measurements for your bed but what do you do now? Follow these tips on how to Upholster you bed.

It can be very stressful when you want to have a perfectly framed bed but it is not looking as nice as you would like it to look. The frame is still not perfect and it is not the right size. You will have to find out where the problem is. The frame could have been a little too large or a little too small for your head and your mattress. Take a measurement of yourself and your bed and see if there is a difference between these two measurements.

If there is then you will need to buy extra materials. There may be no additional materials required but it is a good idea to check anyway. You do not want to end up with a bed that you are embarrassed to have guests over to see. A new duvet cover may need to be bought, if you do not have one already.

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Once you have your measurements taken and found out where your bed has to be altered, you will need to find a place to put the bed frame. You can either buy or make a frame. You could buy one piece or you could buy multiple pieces of wood and use them to make your frame. This is something you will need to decide on and think about when making your decision.

When you get the frame ready, you will need to measure the bed so that you know the exact length. Be sure you take the measurement down to the floor, this way you can double check your measurements and ensure that they are all correct. You will also need to take your mattress measurements because you need to fit the bed frame to the correct length. You can find the mattress sizes from your bed’s label. Once you have all the measurements taken, you should get a piece of plywood and mark off the length that you want to measure from each side of the bed.

The next tip on how to Upholster you bed is to make a hole where the bed frame goes into the existing hole on the bed frame. You will need to drill this hole so that you can screw the frame into it. Make sure that the screws are screwed tight. You can buy a special Upholster tool that you can get online that will help you secure the screws. You also need to check to see if your screws and other accessories can handle the weight. If they can hold the weight you will save yourself a lot of hassle in fixing the rest of the bed frame later.

Once you have your bed frame installed you can then install your new duvet cover over the frame and your pillows. Make sure that you leave enough room between the cover and the frame so that it does not fall back in place. You will then need to attach the duvet cover to the frame and the pillow top using your duvet cover hanger. Use a long piece of ribbon to tie the pillow to the duvet top.

Once the duvet cover has been fitted you can then put on the pillows and cover the whole bed in the correct order and style to create the look you want. You can do this by putting one pillow at the bottom and then move it to the top. and down the other side to finish.

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