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Tips for Tub To Shower Conversion Process

There is nothing like a hot soothing bath after a hectic day at work. You can fade all your sorrows in the bubbles and come out fresh and light as a feather. Sadly, it is not getting easier to set aside the time to get a deep bath. It has now become a luxury that many people are thinking to abandon.

Both homeowners and contractors are going for showers instead of bathtubs to get a more practical and minimal system. Even in remodeling and revamping projects, there are innovative ways where you can turn a small space, most 5×8-foot, and turn it into a working shower area.

You cannot achieve your desired results without breaking some tiles and moving out some walls. It means it will cost and you must consider all aspects of the work before finalizing your decision.

In this post, we are going to share some tips that can help you with the tub-to-shower conversion project.

Pro Tip: Cost

No matter the plans, the cost is often a determining factor for a majority of people. So, you need to make sure what the remodeling will cost you before starting the process. For reference, the average cost to convert tub to shower in Killeen TX is around $3,000. It is best for you to check with the top contractors in your area and get a quote.

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Removing The Tub

The simple and straightforward way to do this is to get rid of the bathtub altogether and go for a clean and streamlined look of a shower. Keep in mind that this is not for an amateur and you need to hire professionals to do the job.


The shower can be installed in the place of the faucets and mixers of the tub but you need to get a partition or a groove in the showering area so that water does not go through the whole bathroom.

Shower Door

In a small space, it is necessary to plan beforehand if you need a shower door. You need room not only to install it but to operate it to go in and out of the showering area, without hitting the fixtures like flush tanks or sinks. Doors are not so much in the trend these days. People are often choosing curtains or partial glass panels to save space.


When you have planned to get the tub out of the bathroom, it best to get a heated floor. There are two advantages to that;

  • It will keep the floor dry so no residue accumulation
  • Dry floors mean no chances of slippage


It may be considered as one of the best tub-to-shower conversion schemes in Killeen TX, but there are downsides to it. This comes in the form of a reduction in the resale price of the house. The standalone shower system is not suitable for families with kids and pets.

If you want to retain the price of your house, or even enhance it, read on to the next tip.

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Plumbing Fit For Tub To Shower Unit

This is a more benign solution to get a shower in the bathtub. It requires adding a shower system in the already fitted bathtub without dismantling it. Just because there is no major breaking down, it does not mean you can do it yourself. You still need a competent plumbing company to do the work so that all the fitting is in line with the codes prescribed by the city.

Tile Installation

In order to waterproof the shower area, tile is the best option. It can repel water from seeping into the floor and the wall. If there is any window in the wall, make sure you close it too and tile the surface.


An enclosure is necessary to get a solitary tub-to-shower system in your bathroom. Since, this idea based on the scarcity of real estate, you can get a glass enclosure with glass sliding doors and an aluminum frame. If this does not palatable to you, then a plastic liner and a shower curtain will do the job if you are not in the mood of sparing some bucks.

For curtain hardware, you can also buy wall-mount rods. They come in varying shapes and sizes and add a unique dimension to space. For instance, the curved wall mounts make the space seem spacious which is what you need in a cramped area.


In accordance with your desired plan, you may have to adjust the placement or orientation of fixtures in the bathroom, such as sinks and flush tanks. The mirrors are easy to fit on one of the walls in the shower/tub area.

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It does not matter which way you go; you are going to have countless opportunities to redefine the space the way you like it. Not only the tub area, but you can also touch other fixtures of the bathroom if you think they need a new look. Aside from this feature, adding or improving both light and ventilation options in your bathroom will enhance your experience.



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