Tips and Tricks To Practice for a math competition

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The mathematical section of a math competition usually leaves people feeling stressed and anxious because it is a complex area to master. A quantitative aptitude category is an important part of your competitive exam since it tests the logical way you can solve mathematical problems. 

The quantitative concepts and appropriate practice required for this are good. This is the right place to go if you plan to take a competitive test. This blog will provide you with the best tips and tricks to score well in math competitions. 

How to Win the Math Competition?

Basics Are Important

Before moving on to the next topic, understanding the basic concepts is essential. It is easier to answer higher-order questions when you are comfortable with the topic. It is best to begin studying in advance so you can prepare thoroughly and perform better on the test.

Math competitions test your knowledge on all three levels of a topic (foundational, intermediate, and difficult). 

Use Your Mind To Calculate.

Practising basic mathematical operations in your head regularly will help you significantly improve your speed in all competitive exams. 

You will be able to solve problems faster if you memorize the multiplication table until 12, the square and cube until 10, etc. A time limit of 2.5 minutes per question applies to Math Kangaroo since it is a timed test.

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Additionally, learning Vedic mathematics can help you multiply big numbers and calculate the cubic and square of a large number.

If you want to practice, add up the prices of the items you buy and compare them to your final bill next time you go grocery shopping.

Consider Your Strengths And Weaknesses.

You can identify the areas that need to be strengthened by conducting regular unit tests and mock tests—each time you take a test, note which questions you answered incorrectly. 

Feel free to review any concepts you are not confident with. Look for the source of the mistake. Were you misreading a question or did you make a calculation error?

Make sure you also review those questions where you had the right answer but took longer than you needed to

Use the sample paper to familiarize yourself with the types of questions that you may encounter.

Stay Stress-free And Motivated.

Solving any problem requires a clear head. In addition to staying motivated, you must also become self-aware while preparing

In order to maintain an optimum level of motivation and reduce your stress levels, you should sleep eight hours every night, consume healthful and nutritious food, spending time with family and friends, and exercise regularly, and participate in activities you enjoy.

Wrapping Up 

In the coming Government exams, you can use several mathematical tricks and shortcuts to solve problems faster and easier. 

Many of the major Government examinations include sections on numerical skills and quantitative aptitude, and candidates who can find shortcuts to get through this section quickly can expect to score higher overall in the examination.

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