5 TikTok Influencer Marketing Hacks For Your Business

TikTok looks like a mystery for some brands. It is an advanced platform, and also it is a unique platform compared to other social media platforms. And in case you’re just starting, it is effortless to understand if TikTok is a bit frustrating.

Fortunately, there are great words that TikTok Influencing is not a hard one to work. If you get to know a few essential tricks, you can simplify the whole process of collecting prospects and creating content on TikTok. Pick these amazing TikTok Marketing tricks to boost your brand on TikTok.

Create Your Unique Style

Everyone needs to viral their uploads on TikTok. Your brand is most probably no exclusion. Heading popular on the TikTok platform is undoubtedly an efficient way to achieve much more brand recognition and visibility. It is a simple marketing procedure. Behalf of you getting out to your target audience directly, get them from your great content on TikTok. It creates brand trust among the audience, they can remember you quickly, and they reach you later to analyze your brand.

A primary way to go viral on TikTok is to work out trending topics to get more audience. Also, use this trick correctly: if you upload a TikTok post that is already trending on the platform, it seems hard to go viral. Just copying the other’s work won’t make you stand out on TikTok. Place your unique concept on a viral thing to grow your brand visibility.

Harness The Power Of TikTok Influencers

Influencing marketing on TikTok is an adequate method to expand your business and grow brand awareness. Influencers on TikTok are the perfect pick. Influencers on social media can go viral overnight, that’s the natural power on social media. It is also tough to level up your followers count on social media sites like Instagram and others. It isn’t easy to reach out to the Influencers on Instagram you would like to work with. But it is a straightforward one on TikTok to connect with Influencers you love to work with.

It is important that you partner with the right Influencer to promote your brand. Influencers have the potential to create content that is likely to get more TikTok views within a short time from posting. Don’t move forward to the first Influencer’s mail. Wait and make your own time and analyze the audience of every Influencer and their values for your brand; if you work with the Influencer who does not even have your audience count, it results in wasting your time.

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How To Identify Influencers On Tiktok

You can pick your best influencers for your brand on TikTok by using the various search tools. It provides a lot of influencers using parameters.

Here are the guidelines for picking the right TikTok Influencer:

  • Keyword
  • Country
  • Followers count
  • Engagement rates
  • Impression rates
  • User profile on TikTok.

Also, you can search by parameters like niche and location. When the search result pops up, it shows every Influencer’s location, average views, followers count, engagement rates, and average likes. You can export the output for better recognition. The main advantage of using search tools is saving your valuable time. You need not spend your time on this.

Hand-Shaking with Influencers on TikTok

Many huge brands have profitably worked with the Influencers on TikTok. Red Bull is an excellent example of this. Red Bull agreed to do with the leading Tiktok Influencer Keeoh, who has 13,000 TikTok followers. Keeoh makes a unique fun video with Red Bull, and the footage crossed over 155,000 likes.

The Run Around game on smartphones also ran a well Influencer marketing campaign. They worked with a TikTok content creator Candice, famous for uploading screen-recording videos playing multiple games. Though Candice followers are interested in mobile video games, the right choice for the Run Around game would be Candice to work with.

Add Link In Your Bio

A significant sector of your marketing strategy on TikTok is having the link in your profile bio on TikTok. Only Android users can access this feature; if you have the chance of adding a link, you can place the link to your product page, website, or whatever the URL that you needed to land your audience. At the same time, you can add only one link, not multiple links at once.

That’s where tools for TikTok bio links arrive. You can get many tools to land your audience on a specific page that contains several links to your website, online product page, YouTube channel, or whatever you need your audience to direct.

It is effortless to make the Place all of your links and then reorder it like the primary link at the top that is more important for you. You are also able to change the page layout and color pattern of the landing page. It also has a feature of adding an avatar to your landing page, and you can easily remove the logo. It provides an analytics option to track your links, which are performing best, and it is free to use. Don’t miss out on this handy step in the TikTok marketing strategy.

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Go Viral with challenges on TikTok:

Challenges on TikTok are popular videos depending on particular actions. An Individual or a company sector posts a challenge video and asks its viewers to recreate the video with the specific hashtag so that you can get all the videos from that hashtag in one place.

Gaining brand awareness is the primary benefit of TikTok’s challenging actions. Participating in a TikTok challenge brings you more viewers to increase engagement rates. Users on TikTok intimates with challenges and smiles while viewing different activities on the ditto concept. Your TikTok account gains more engagement when you start making your challenges. You also can get TikTok likes to your videos to maintain a good engagement rate

Please go through the simple examples of TikTok challenges, and learn how to use it for your brand.


The level up challenge on TikTok is more popular than you think. It was created by Ciara in 2018 and became viral on TikTok within a short span. The challenge has been preferred more than the dancing videos – TikTok users try how high their pets (or themselves) can jump over a particular object.

If you are based on a pet’s brand, then this hashtag helps out you more. Make a TikTok video showing your cat or a dog jumping over your products. If you are not from the pet’s industry, you can use the level-up challenge by filming the employee dance with your products. For example, if you are from a fitness brand, you can do a video with an athlete to run over your products like dumbbells, etc.


Most TikTok users participate in the #leavingmybody challenge; they make the video that displays a purple flame animation leaving out from their bodies. You can mention your brand presence with quotes by on-screen texts. There are many ways to use this challenge for brands. For example, if you are from the hotel sector, you can present an online text like “the stress leaves your body when you land at [your brand name].”

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Even if you miss out on a challenge at the top, you can also use different sounds to bring the audience to watch your videos. Fenty Beauty frequently uses different sounds in their videos on TikTok. Placing viral sounds to your videos may result in your video to go viral.

Make Your Own TikTok Challenges

You can also set up your TikTok challenge, starting from the first and developing your unique content on TikTok. Kaiser Permanente, a healthcare company, created the unique hashtag #ownthecurve at the Covid-19 pandemic start. The hashtag delivers the content that TikTok users take necessary actions to stop the Coronavirus spread. Suddenly, this hashtag became a trend; more users on TikTok posted videos with the hashtag showing how they helped in controlling Covid-19.

A famous brand Pepsi created its unique hashtag challenge on TikTok. Pepsi proposed the hashtag #SettleTheTab. It is an instructional video that clearly shows how Pepsi users open Pepsi caps. TikTok users can refilm the video challenge at home.

Tailor Platform-Specific Content

You will get content on TikTok that differs from content on other social media networks. Video length is very short on TikTok; it is not like a short film that runs about 15 minutes on Facebook or YouTube. All videos on TikTok are vertical; it shapes ideal for mobile viewing.

Collaboration also hard disks TikTok information in ways that aren’t nearly as relevant on other social media networks. And challenges, as well as other popular capabilities, assist TikTok users to make content material with each other. Although you may come up with a video clip of your own, you’re probably still collaborating with another end user by utilizing one among their appears to be.

Then how will you create the video content that is definite to this social media? Your video wants to be handy and short. Whatever the message you are conveying should be within 15 seconds. Another essential perspective is you should film your video in vertical mode, so the app perfectly fits your video viewable. Collaborating with other TikTok users helps you to bring more engagements and followers to your content. Start making your challenge on TikTok for your followers to do.

Wrapping Up: Hacks of TikTok marketing

TikTok is a social media network with lots of offers. You can completely optimize your TikTok profile and increase brand awareness by using these hacks of TikTok marketing. Have fun with your TikTok content creation that grows your brand.

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