This Is How You Get Rid of Pigment Spots on The Face

Are you bothered by pigment spots on your face? Both sun, birth control pills, and pregnancy can make you more vulnerable. Here we will discuss the effective treatments for pigment spots. Keep reading.

After the summer, many people experience pigment spots on the face. Both sun and hormonal influences can cause the skin to be affected. Both hormone pigmentation, so-called melasma, and hyperpigmentation are skin changes that appear as brown spots on the face.

Pigment spots are formed when an excess of the skin’s pigment, called melanin, forms deposits in the skin. It gives areas and spots that are darker than the rest of the skin.

The most common pigment spots are lentigo solare, also called liver spots or sunspots.

– The incidence increases with age, and we see that skin type and inheritance are important. The biggest risk factor is sun exposure, but the spots are harmless in themselves.

– The mistake most people make is to think that you are protected because your skin turns brown during the summer. It may be easy to think that you are protected by the sun, but that is not the case. You get some protection by melanin making the skin brown, but if you have sensitive skin, it is not certain that this foundation is good enough.

Protect the Skin

You can also get pigmentations in the skin due to inflammatory diseases such as psoriasis and eczema.

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The skin forms pigmentation to protect itself from UV exposure. The pigmentation makes the skin resistant to sun damage and various forms of skin cancer. If you tend to have uneven pigmentation, the most important thing you can do is protect your skin from sunlight. Use sunscreen with at least a factor of 50, and lubricate the skin every two hours. Also, you should wear a sun hat or caps.

Pigment Spots on The Face Gradually Fade

So how do you go about removing pigment spots on your face?

– First of all, it is a good idea to stay away from strong sunlight so that you do not get more pigmentation. You can try fruit acid treatment which exfoliates the skin and which can give a whitening effect. Just remember to use sunscreen with a sun factor after exfoliation. Also, daily cleaning routines and peels are wise to achieve smoother skin.

A vitamin C serum, which gives a smoother skin tone, can be helpful. Vitamin C exfoliates the skin and helps you preserve the glow. Vitamin C also brightens existing pigment spots and scars and works preventively against pigmentation. For full effect, use the serum with anti-aging products.

The dermatologist’s advice is to remove the make-up every night, so the skin can “breathe.” It is also important to drink enough water. But if you get rid of it completely, it depends on how big the damage is and whether the pigment spots are due to the sun or hormonal influence.

– If the pigmentation is very extensive and annoying, I would consult a dermatologist for treatment. This isn’t easy to get rid of on your own.

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Most of the pigmentation will gradually fade over time, and as a rule, ordinary pigment spots disappear by themselves during the autumn or summer. The exception is some forms of chronic pigmentation, also known as solar lentigo, or liver spots.

3 Tips from The Experts:

  • Wear sun protection.
  • Daily cleansing gives smoother skin.
  • See your dermatologist if you do not get rid of the pigment spots.

Remove Pigment Stains

The pigment spots can treat in several ways, and that there are both over-the-counter and prescription creams that can help.

Medical peels are often effective for superficial stains, while dermal rollers work deeper and provide anti-aging effects.

There are many new skin treatments where small, sharp needles are rolled over the skin surface to accelerate skin cell renewal. You thus repair damaged skin by forcing a new and fresher skin.

– Various laser treatments can have a good effect on the pigment spots.

Treat pigment spots at home.

According to doctors, your home routine for treating pigment spots and uneven pigmentation will be most effective if you replace your normal skincare routine with a complete treatment system for even and clear skin.

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